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Time to watch the FFXIV: Shadowbringers keynotes-- last information to leak for the next expansion...


And if you're going to release dancer, I want a 'whip' weapon-- that would be so hardcore. Let's see if Nia gets what she wants!~
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why... why... WHY?

Tech support has given me a new appreciation for the new level of stupidity that people can aspire to. Like I literally talked to someone for 29 minutes who had no clue from his arsehole what the modem was, even though I gave him all of the pertinent information that he needed.

Me: You are looking for an SMC device, it will have the name written on the modem.
him: you mean a AHT?
Me: S. M. C.
Him: well all I can see is this netgear? Is that what you want?
Me: Look for the SMC, it should be hooked up to the netgear.
Him: I can't find it, all I see is this device hooked up to the netgear.. it's a.. ah, SMC.
Me: *INTERNAL SCREAMING LIKE SATAN AT A JONAS BROTHERS CONCERT* (j/k seriously I don't know what Satan's anti-music is tbh, just an uneducated guess)

I was seriously so traumatized that I ended up licking all the salt off my pretzels, like these people are draining me of my salty tears so I have to quickly regenerate new salt!

In happier news, I am going to go to Dragon King's Daughter on saturday with a friend for a girl's nights, then we are gonna go back and toast s'mores. I am pondering discussing with her the possibility of picking up something crafty. I need something that will occupy me in between calls because they have all the GOOD SITES blocked at work, and when I start reading, the little beep in my ear pretty much jars me out of storyland pretty quickly and makes it so I can't get engrossed in the book!

Dragon King's Daughter though, it is MEXICAN/JAPANESE fusion. They have this sushi roll, called The Swanson.. it is crunch shrimp, bacon and chicken (not raw) with spicy mayo and wasabi. That's life right there. Like I could eat two rolls-- seriously. I will see about posting pictures of the yumminess. Promise~

Thank you all who have been signal boosting the Friending Meme; it's been a smashing success-- hurrah for new friends everyone! To all of you that I've added! HIYA! <3 My name is Nia and my pronouns are she/her and I'm probably as mad as a hatter! Don't mind me! Glad to friend you and hope we can be AWESOMEFIENDS!
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I have some cornbread for breakfast however I find it hideously hard to eat in the mornings right when I wake up. Does anyone else have this problem? I mean, I guess it is because it's the nerves before taking the first call of the day-- I mean I can eat like a champ but when it comes to mornings, it's coffee and rage for me, I guess. (this doesn't apply when I am home-- I find it very easy to chow down when I don't have to go into work)

Oh well!
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It's that time of the year!
Flowers are blooming, bunnies are prancing around
Peeps grace us with their abominations--
And it's time for new friends!

The picture is a link however you can click HERE as well

For pimping on your journal

for comment
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☆ Comment with your username and a link to your userpic page.
☆ Your friends (or even total strangers) will comment back with the userpic of yours that they like the best and/or feel most describe you.
☆ pimp out this this meme shamelessly out so more friends will comment!
☆ Respond to friend's comments in kind ♥
☆ Profit??!!!

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Going back through my journal in order to see if I can find my information for old blog crews and JESUS CHRIST, WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME?

I mean I know I'm pretty bad now-- but there is a special level of hell where my 27 year old self really is meant to be.
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And such delicious brisket it is too. And they have this apple barbecue sauce that, homygosh.. like my tongue is dancing, DANCING, I say.

I didn't have any really notable calls today. I had some strange calls, like this person who called me because he needed to organize every single piece of cable equipment on the account, and like halfway through the second account, I was like "I'm not equipped, prepared nor have time for this.". I reached out to my lead and he was like "No, Nia-- don't do it, this is just wasting our time". I ended up transferring him to residential side to the hopes that they could help him catagorize his account-- then after that I got several really fast calls where people wanted me to fix their rollover group. YES I CAN DO THAT! I can do that in like 4 minutes.

with regards to this job, there are still things that I am uncertain about. But for the most part if someone wants me to get their internet back, I will get it back or get someone out there who can fix it. I can send signals to cable boxes and fix your rollover group-- but please please don't make me do inventories of what you have in your apartment complex, that would take me 2 hours then my AHT would go down the drain.

Made a new friend, everyone say hi to [personal profile] law, they're super awesome and we initially met each other on the [community profile] iam community because they claimed Larsa, and I happen to love Larsa, then they posted to add me and I was like "YAY FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC!", enough said. ([personal profile] law; I would like to say that I'm not always this sporadic but that would be a boldface lie). But anways I am so glad to have you as a friend! <3

Gonna upload my Immortal Rain, Homestuck and Ruouni Kenshin icons soonish-- and maybe some K-ON as well-- my goal is to get everything uploaded to [community profile] hiraethe as soon as possible because I'm sick of not being organized with ANYTHING.
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Changed the colours of my journal-- and now Po's the Default! Bye Bye Skeletor!~

The count in my 'To Be Edited' folder for icons is now up to 400-- well people, I'll be iconning forever pretty much-- since I also have to take time to do other things like play video games and take my husband out for walks. (and books, forgot about reading)

Time to go to work, hopefully it will be a peaceful day with no aggro'd customers.
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There's the problem
Then there is the admitting you have the problem
After that comes the acceptance as you plan to change your journal colours to reflect Po.
Haven't quite gotten to the point where I change my name to 'blackholepo' tho, so there's still hope-- I suppose
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If there is any one type of person I hate the most, it is the people who say "Well, we can't pray for the muslims because they want to kill us all"-- which happened RIGHT ON MY FACE BOOK. BOY DID I OWN HER! I am sorry but I will say it once and I will say it again, religious texts are not applicable to modern times due to how we've grown as a civilization. Also I KNOW MANY PEOPLE who practice the islamic faith. They are peaceable individuals who wouldn't think of taking someone else's life, the whole "Take them out before they take us out" mentality is toxic and it is harmful and has no place in our society.

We are not JURORS nor are we EXECUTIONERS!

I responded that there are miles of people, claiming to be christian, who believe in things like 'gay conversion therapy", 'locking immigrant children up in cages" and 'burning black effigies in cornfields while dressed in sunday whites', but I won't judge the religion based on that, I judge it based on all of the GOOD people I see in this world doing things like loving their neighbor without judgement, there are lots of christians that I know who are kind and decent people, those are the true scions of their religion, not trashbags who want to kill/harm their children/other people because they are gay/hurt people of other religions because some sort of fucked up inner creed about their god telling them to do things.


And I am totally not sorry for feeling/thinking that.
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-Title: Perfect Symmetry
Fandom: Tales of Vesperia
Character: Raven/Schwann
Word Count: 1453 words - worth 140 pts
Notes: Every day he wakes up-- but the man inside determines what side it is on.

Who are you? What are you living for? )
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It started like any other tuesday morning. Wake up, get showered and made up and then head to work.. the traffic wasn't bad and I managed to make it to work at around 8:40-- twenty minutes early which is what I aim for. Then right before I took my first call, I thought to myself.. "I wonder how much airplane tickets to California are?"

Imagine my husbands surprise when I call him at 11 am going "OWEN WE ARE GOING TO CALIFORNIA FOR A WEEK IN SEPTEMBER SO GET READY FOR IT!". My justification is that the ticket prices were SO GOOD! (210 for ROUND TRIP TICKETS-- for a total of 470.. not including Flight Insurance). This is what happens I guess when you have a wife that is completely and totally chaotic on the base sense. You never know what is going to happen, you may just get that phone call that says that you are going to Cali for the yearly vacation with no prior planning.

He'd be totally bored without me!

Being the dork that I am, I am plotting our eating trip through California. In-and-Out Burger, Del Taco, Texas Cattle Co, Shakey's Pizza. ALL OF THESE THINGS THAT WERE NORMAL FOR ME AS A KID/TEEN, and my husband gets to experience it first hand. In Florida they only had Del Taco, in California they have EVERYTHING! I am making a list and checking it twice!

So yeah, that was a thing-- lol.

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fandom: Tales of Vesperia
character: Captain Schwann Oltorain
pairings: none
comments: written for [community profile] lands_of_magic Character Study - worth 20 pts

"Yuri Loweeeeeeellll!" came the exclaimation from the other room. Captain Schwann laid down his quill and tilted his head to the side as if trying to hear what was being said. His second in command, Leblanc, had an unhealthy obsession with ex-knight turned street rat, it was an obsession that Schwann couldn't fault him for-- it was not his place to judge on what was unhealthy and what wasn't, after all he hadn't made the best life choices when all was said and done. He calmed his mind and strained his hearing a little bit, as the exclaimation had piqued his interest.

"How dare he, making off with a fruit sellers basket of oranges, who does he think he is!?"

Well obviously someone who was going to hie it down to the Lower Quarters to distribute oranges to all the citizenry there. But Schwann wasn't about to ruin Leblanc's fun in the chase, let him figure it out himself-- that is what you were supposed to do with subordinates, challenge them.

Or maybe Schwann just didn't care enough about the entire matter. Let the Citizens in the lower quarter have their fruit, there were other more weighty matters that he had to devote his time and attention to. Picking up his quill, Schwann went back the business of writing a report and once again dissociating himself from the entire business at hand.
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The Fanmix: I've always wanted to make a Schwann/Raven fanmix and it's been kicking around in my head for Several years. Raven is a protagonist of the game Tales of Vesperia however he shares a secret in that he is also 'not' a protagonist, that is where Schwann comes into play. Swan and Raven, two fragments of the same whole; where does one start and the other begin and do they start in the middle? I have always been drawn to characters that share a dichotomy within themselves. And to further challenge me, there is NOT an artist on this fanmix that stands for only side of the whole, each artist I've used-- I've found songs for BOTH Raven and Schwann.

holy truth-- brother I choose this life )
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Well first of all, yesterday was my year anniversary with my husband; it's hard to believe that I've been married to him for a year. Easily the best decision of my life and married to someone who 'gets' me. (well okay, he may not get me-- but he definitely makes a good showing of at least attempting to understand the person that is me.) So we went to see Captain Marvel however due to a major thunderstorm, we didn't see the last HOUR of the movie. We are pondering if we want to go and sit through the entire movie again to find out what happened. Then we went to The Cheesecake Factory and then came back home to watch The Umbrella Academy

Let me tell you, IN. FUCKING. LOVE~

If anyone is curious about the contents of my mind, think of an episode of the Umbrella Factory, with Klaus Hargreeves as the Mascot.

(yes, I know-- everyone loves Klaus; as well they should, he's just amazing.)

Also, right now on [community profile] lands_of_magic is the CHARACTER MANIFESTO challenge, and I am working on Schwann/Raven from Tales of Vesperia-- as I am PRETTY sure that I have enough fodder for him, certainly more than enough to turn up something interesting-- right now I am working on the fanmix, which will be 20 pts. Then I can do a few other things, really I got this totally under control!

How has everyone's weekend been? Hopefully it's been awesome~! <3
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March Madness for [community profile] lands_of_magic. (pssst, if you sign up for Lands of Magic-- mention my username and I get points for my team!-- it's super fun and the challenges range from puzzles, to writing fictional love letters, to a slew of other creative-type things!)

Now I'm going to throw myself at my PS4 - FFXIV here I come!

Also, I am much pleased with my teletubbie tags-- to be perfectly honest. MY CROWNING ACHEIVEMENT!


6/3/19 21:00
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Imagine! You have no way of conveying who you are to a person verbally or written but you have to CONVEY yourself using only THREE ICONS OR IMAGES so as to give that person a somewhat thorough understanding of yourself, what would those images/icons be?

For me it is..

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Okay, so I'm officially loving this icon I made of Karkat from Homestuck, also major plus is that the song I'm using is SUPER EMASCULATING, he is BEST TSUNDERE! (someone please smack me before I break the caps lock, please).-- but really I've been left unsupervised with a Paint Shop Program, which is never in anyone's best interest (but hey, at least it's not the teletubbies, amirite?). I have another few icons to do in order to meet my quota for the night, however it's like especially when I make an icon I SUPER LIKE, I am hesitant to ruin it and create any more.

Yes, [community profile] lands_of_magic, the "Madness" challenge will have to wait another day, probably.

Also I need some people to pick numbers between 1 and 250 - THANK YOU SO MUCH AHEAD OF TIME!
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What I did this weekend--

+created a new Texture Set at [community profile] hiraethe which I am super pleased about and can't wait to use (it's so bright! <3)
+Got the chest piece from Orbonne Monastary for my character in FFXIV and am now at the school part of the 'rebuilding doma' storyline
+Repede did his snowboarding thing and I have all costumes EXCEPT for Flynn's (because jerkweed hasn't come back to my party yet-- hurry up Flynn.)
+nursed a huge migraine pretty much all day friday and saturday--
+contemplated the madness theme over at [community profile] lands_of_magic-- I think I may do Dissidia Villians-- maybe

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Today I am going to go on a different less serious tangent, so today I am going to focus on "Favorite Female Characters from RPGs".

As y'all know, I am very much in love with the RPG genre, and I've been in love with it since the beginning of time it seems-- and I've already enumerated by top favorite men in the RPG genre, so now it's time for me to give the ladies their due desserts as well. There are also a really awesome strong minded ladies in that series, not just love interests and not just kidnap fodder (No, I am not referencing Rosa-- on my 3rd playthrough of FFIV is when I finally started to appreciate the white mage, and I think she is a wonderful example of a supportive nurturing healer who also happens to be the love interest of the main character, and yes-- she was kidnapped many times, but hey-- Kain was too so we can't be calling names here)



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