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alwaysbeenasmiler: (Laguna☆We became the parade) (Default)
  • Laguna☆We became the parade
Comment: on the streets that we once cleaned, expendable soldiers smiling at anything. [ eight letters, one meaning ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Madoka/Homura♥Every now and)
  • Madoka/Homura♥Every now and
Comment: again I get lost on the wings of a dream; the air gets clean and the seas get warm and I can do anything.
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Shion/Mion♥We will meet you where)
  • Shion/Mion♥We will meet you where
Comment: the lights are; the defenders of the faith we are.
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Raven/Alexei♥So everybody lives and)
  • Raven/Alexei♥So everybody lives and
Comment: everybody dies and no one's gonna love you like I do [ I never needed light to see you ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Asbel☆I don't know where to start)
  • Asbel☆I don't know where to start
Comment: or how to begin, but I know I love you still [ oh to hold you tight, I'd wait for life ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Anise☆Working for my money)
  • Anise☆Working for my money
Comment: 'cause that's what my momma taught me; so yo ass better show me some respect [ every day is payday ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Nikkari☆You can't lead me close)
  • Nikkari☆You can't lead me close
Comment: to the edge; you won't ever hear me hit the ground [ blissfully tortured, naked and real ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Elain☆Have you been half-asleep)
  • Elain☆Have you been half-asleep
Comment: and have you heard voices, yes I've heard them calling my name [ someday we'll find it-- the rainbow connection ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Adol☆When I look into your eyes)
  • Adol☆When I look into your eyes
Comment: I'm bigger than the night sky-- as high as the sun, hard as the sun [ we are giants heading home ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Nesta/Cas♥Now I know what I'm about)
  • Nesta/Cas♥Now I know what I'm about
Comment: to lose; now I know what I'm about to choose -- now we go for some reaction, a little game of who's distracted
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Nina(II)☆And long ago I lost myself)
  • Nina(II)☆And long ago I lost myself
Comment: to some forgotten dream; how was I supposed to know it wasn't what it seemed? [ life got cold ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Rain☆Do we only live to die?)
  • Rain☆Do we only live to die?
Comment: or is it that our hearts are magnetized-- did our worlds collide for a reason? [ been here many times before ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Zelda☆I can see the memories of)
  • Zelda☆I can see the memories of
Comment: my heart-- they're playing out in rewind; but every memory that starts is just another sign I'll be fine.
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Prof!Sara☆When I'm on mission)
  • Prof!Sara☆When I'm on mission
Comment: I rebuke my condition-- if you're a strong female, you don't need permission [ I wish I could dance on a single prayer ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Baralai☆When you feel your spirit)
  • Baralai☆When you feel your spirit
Comment: weaken-- deep within there shines a beacon; let it guide you like the ancient star-- to the lighthouse of your heart