Feb. 14th, 2017

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Normally I am not up this early--- I usually am good with waking up at 9 for my work, but our new Supervisor asked us nicely to come in, and considering that he didn't yell at us all day (like our old supervisor), I was inclined to reward him for excellent behavior. The line that I am stuck on is the Fresenius line and it is extremely high priority as we ship it out to people for their dialysis treatment-- so we have to pack it out and send it down the line to be shipped, and seriously the early start that you get on the product, the better (We spend our mondays and wednesdays picking it and our tuesdays and thursdays shipping it)

I slept fairly well but I think that was because NO FACEBOOK! none-- I have no idea what Cheeto is doing and I don't really want to know the rumors of what he is doing. If he is doing something, it will appear on TV at work (likely Fox News since that is what it's always turned to *ugh*). What I did do before bed was watch episode 1 of Yuri!! on Ice!, which I really really liked.

So it's likely that I will watch an episode of that before bed tonight (either that or clock a few hours on Beseria-- those characters won't learn master skills on their equipment by themselves)

I did wake up this morning and got a text from the boyfriend saying "I called you..." to which my phone died at work (must of been all that yelping that I did-- with no facebook, there is always cruising Yelp, looking at all the delicious pictures of food, and composing my foodie 'dream-eat' list. It may of been him calling me to wish me a Happy Valentines Day, but seriously it's hard for me to keep track of my phone and with no facebook til friday, it may make it a bit harder for me to keep track of my phone.

Maybe I will go to Sonics this morning for brekkie; I love their toasters and I could do with a morning cherry coke.
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Holy shit!

Yuri! on Ice! is amazing.. I have no words for it-- I am on the 4th episode and already I am completely loving it. Thank y'all for the recommendations! (definitely much better then Free! *which I had problems getting into*)


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