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So I just found out that Take That is coming out with yet another album--

Seriously I have been living under a rock! Last time they came out with an album, I stayed up til 7 AM britain time (I think it was 3 my time) to hear the song play on the airwaves for the first time ever. And yet, I miss the first playing of it, I miss the MUSIC VIDEO (by five days) with like four days out until the album releases

Well here, Take That-- take my money NOW!

Though looking at the music video, Howard Donald now looks very much like Jason Orange, which leads me to believe that he went single white (fe)male on Jason-- Tibet, my ass-- Howard has Jason's body hidden somewhere. I am not used to a slender Howard Donald-- I am used to bulky man man who doesn't like clothing very much.

Yes, I realize this is how conspiracy theories start.
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One of the things that I like to do at work is listen to Audiobooks, there's a site that I go to that has tons of books available to listen to. Granted, I also like to listen to music but sometimes I need some sort of mental image for my mind to grasp onto and audiobooks do just that. And currently I'm listening to the "Abhorsen" series by Garth Nix. Guess who it's narrated by?

.. Tim fucking Curry.

I have this thing for british voices. Cultured british voices and they just make me melt. In fact I pretty much think that my sexuality can fall adeptly into 'britosexual' for the mere fact that a beautiful british voice makes my vagina smile.

Yeah, I did just say that.

So now if anyone talks to me I can go "excuse me, can you repeat yourself.. I cannot hear you over the sound of Tim Curry's voice". There are people in this warehouse though that would understand completely and totally.


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