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So this is something new that I am gonna do-- I'm going to post one of my icons, and then sort of go on why I chose the song to be the basis of my icon; (since music inspires most of what I do in life-- and back when I RPed regularly, oh gods-- the music)

Default icon - - Laguna Loire | Final Fantasy VIII

Secret-- I actually dislike Final Fantasy VIII.

But you know, characters are important to me, and while playing the game I came soon across the saving grace of that game and one character who has remained one of my favorite characters of all time. I was immediately drawn to him because man, he was just unfailingly cheerful and good natured, albeit clumsy and a bit shy, but that was what made me love him, and the moment that Squall went "I dreamt I was an Idiot", well I just fell head over heels in love with him even more. Because of Laguna's integral placement in the game, I found myself playing through it-- I mean the only character in the main party that I really liked was Selphie (and maybe Edea as well-- because misunderstood villians)

When I created this icon, it was right when the Dissidia Duecodiem art came out, and I found out that Laguna was going to be in it. ICON AHOY! And the song came to me because I wanted something to sort of represent him, and this song really hit

"At least we meet on no man's land-- just footprints in the sand
We meet on no man's land, at last"

I mean I know that Squall accused Laguna of not being a great dad, but I believe without a shadow of a doubt that Laguna tried his hardest-- but situations spiralled out of control, and he had so much to do-- and responsibility just got thrust on him (as such is the case with all capricorns, responsibility hunts them down with a giant gun, shooting to kill). But this song, it's about forgiveness-- the eight letters, three words, one meaning stands for "I am sorry", and I truly believe that at the very end they were able to re-conciliate, and that makes me happy.

Perfect song for Laguna.
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Looking at my tags I went; why don't I have an Asbel Lhant RP journal. Well now I do.. it's [personal profile] talesofyourmom. It stems from the fact that when Asbel fights, one of his favorite things to say to enemies when he unleashes a particular skill is 'your mom!'. Just in case you wanted to know, yeah.. random Tales geekery.

I unboxed my Tales of Xillia 2 Collector's Edition. Haven't gotten a chance to play the game (ugh, work) but oh what sweet sweet loot. It came with a Ludger will Kresnik figure (nicely detailed), it also came with the pocket watch from in game. a little cat plush (evidentally the Tales cutsey character) and a really awesome hardbound artbook. There is also the steelbook casing (which is going to be on display and a CD of the music of the game.

Friday will be my day to play it, and oh it's almost there. I cannot wait! I think there may be a peeking into Cheddars but really other then that, wine, snacks and Tales of Xillia 2! EXCITING!


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