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So I just found out that Take That is coming out with yet another album--

Seriously I have been living under a rock! Last time they came out with an album, I stayed up til 7 AM britain time (I think it was 3 my time) to hear the song play on the airwaves for the first time ever. And yet, I miss the first playing of it, I miss the MUSIC VIDEO (by five days) with like four days out until the album releases

Well here, Take That-- take my money NOW!

Though looking at the music video, Howard Donald now looks very much like Jason Orange, which leads me to believe that he went single white (fe)male on Jason-- Tibet, my ass-- Howard has Jason's body hidden somewhere. I am not used to a slender Howard Donald-- I am used to bulky man man who doesn't like clothing very much.

Yes, I realize this is how conspiracy theories start.
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Oh what a week, what a week.

I barely had any time to think and I volunteered (imagine that) for overtime. Wednesday however I had just gotten off of work and I was in the breakroom, tooling around on facebook when suddenly a headline catches my eye.

Jason Orange Leaves Take That

And I'm thinking, 'what sort of sensationalism is this?'. I am after all a BIG fan of the band, I have loved them since '94' when I was a teenager. Was gutted when they broke up and then elated when they got back together. However upon further perusal, I found that indeed it was the truth and yes, Jason did leave the band.

You know there are like several stages of grief, the first being of course denial. Except I am not the type to deny anything, I accepted it as truth in my head, I launched straight into 'sadness'; sadness that an era had ended. Yes, Take That are now a trio but there are so many beautiful memories for me of them as a foursome. It's just beyond words.

I can understand that Jason Orange is an intensely private man and I wish him all the well, I just am going to remember all the great times of him being on stage, the quirky interviews and everything else. He just made the band and with good reason he was my favorite member but-- I wish him well. As I told facebook, the jury is still out on if I am going to go to one of their concerts. I had been excited about the prospect but, I just don't know. I guess it all depends on how good their next album is.

On a happier note.

My PS Vita should be here when I get home from work tonight. I also pre-ordered Tales of Hearts R for it. At the very least there is that.
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My favorite band is Take That and has been my favorite band ever saw I saw the Beautiful World Concert. They've consistently redesigned themselves on numerous occasions and their lyrics are so stylistic and beautiful, filled with lyrics that are emotive without being emo.

What's just as good as getting a new Take That album? It's getting solo material from the band members and Mark Owen, Take That quirkster is coming out with a new album entitled "The Art of Doing Nothing". And in fact the first music video from this album came out and I'm impressed and I can't wait until the album.

I love sharing music with people, especially music that inspires me so I hope that everyone enjoys this random song!

And if anyone ever wants any music recs, I will always be happy to provide!


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