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Well, there's nothing much to post because everything was calm for the most part.

I got my emergency room bill and surprisingly it wasn't as much as I thought it was going to be, so hurrah for that. I just have to go to Financial Services and set up a payment plan, but hey-- I guess that's one less thing to worry about.

Also a note about any icons I post-- if anyone is interested in using any of them-- feel free to! The ones that have no credit keywords are ones that I've made and really, credit is not required in the slightest! I used to be like "CREDIT ME OR ELSE" but hey, I'm just chill and I really just icon for fun here and there-- (and to see if I still have a knack for it). (But please don't take the Alaiyna one-- as she's a character that I used to play on FFXIV, there'd be no real point for anyone to use it except for me)

Hope y'all are doing great! I am about ready to play a little bit of Tales of Beseria and make some fries!
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Looking at my tags I went; why don't I have an Asbel Lhant RP journal. Well now I do.. it's [personal profile] talesofyourmom. It stems from the fact that when Asbel fights, one of his favorite things to say to enemies when he unleashes a particular skill is 'your mom!'. Just in case you wanted to know, yeah.. random Tales geekery.

I unboxed my Tales of Xillia 2 Collector's Edition. Haven't gotten a chance to play the game (ugh, work) but oh what sweet sweet loot. It came with a Ludger will Kresnik figure (nicely detailed), it also came with the pocket watch from in game. a little cat plush (evidentally the Tales cutsey character) and a really awesome hardbound artbook. There is also the steelbook casing (which is going to be on display and a CD of the music of the game.

Friday will be my day to play it, and oh it's almost there. I cannot wait! I think there may be a peeking into Cheddars but really other then that, wine, snacks and Tales of Xillia 2! EXCITING!
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So I was printing out labels for the products received and there was a piece of box tape sticking to one of the labels and my hands were filled so I leaned down to try to grasp it with my teeth and the tape caught my lip and ripped skin off.. ouch ouch ouch!

It is so painful.. like woah!



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