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Now, due to this meme-- y'all are gonna see how varied my music taste truly is

9. A Song that makes you happy

"Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson feat Bruno Mars

Okay, to clarify-- I am not a big Bruno Mars fan. Well not his romantic lovely dovey stuff (my boyfriend is a fan of Bruno Mars stuff that is silly and sappy and sentimental), but I really like his baller/jazz gangster stuff, and this has got to be one of the catchiest songs that I've ever hard. Insidious-- it gets in your head so easily and so I can't help but like it (I also really like 24K Magic and have been known to jam to that). Give me money, a swagger beat and none of this 'knocked out of heaven' bullcrap. When I sing this, I feel like a pimpin' gangsta and I seriously need to be driving a mazzarati or something a long those lines. don't judge me

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Now, due to this meme-- y'all are gonna see how varied my music taste truly is

2.A song that reminds you of summer -

Taste the Summer by Duran Duran

If I had to choose my favorite Duran Duran album, it'd probably be a tie between Astronaut and Red Carpet Massacre though All You Need Is Now had some GREAT b-sides (I am looking at you, Mediterannea). I am a pop fangirl (as I keep re-iterating) so those are great albums if you really like bouncy beats. (and the first one, Astronaut, such a positive album-- no heartbreak anthems, just good old fashioned pop). Hopefully this song reminds you of Summer! <3

So enjoy this song!

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My favorite band is Take That and has been my favorite band ever saw I saw the Beautiful World Concert. They've consistently redesigned themselves on numerous occasions and their lyrics are so stylistic and beautiful, filled with lyrics that are emotive without being emo.

What's just as good as getting a new Take That album? It's getting solo material from the band members and Mark Owen, Take That quirkster is coming out with a new album entitled "The Art of Doing Nothing". And in fact the first music video from this album came out and I'm impressed and I can't wait until the album.

I love sharing music with people, especially music that inspires me so I hope that everyone enjoys this random song!

And if anyone ever wants any music recs, I will always be happy to provide!


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