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In the past couple of days (or perhaps even the past week) we've had an influx of new people to Dreamwidth (way to go LJ, screwing it up-- and after all the great memories that were had, dumb ass russia TOS) so welcome, to all the new friends that I've met on the addme group! (and it's anime subgroup), it's nice to meet many and all of you, and I hope that we shall all be happy friends together!

A brief little introduction-- my name is Nia-- I did my time on LJ from 2001 - 2012 and then I broke up with my ex-girlfriend and just couldn't stand being in that venue anymore, so I moved to DW and have been sort of going back and forth here, fluctuating between periods of activity and inactivity-- this current influx of activity is in part due to an anxiety disorder that I sort of am now realizing is a bit of a problem (I would like to say that it was never there, but I know that I've been using periods of escapism in order to push it under the carpet, not a thing that has been healthy in my life). I am predominately a reader and a gamer (mostly JRPGs, though I've had forays into western styled RPGs when the mood arrives-- I used to make tons of icons, but then I realized that I'm much happier when I make a few icons here and there, and I used to write fics about video games, but well I've lost those voices in my head (or probably a better word is that I have the voices not be so deafening)

So I'm not artsy, I don't watch as much anime as I used to and I ramble-- a lot. I love books, history, cats-- I am just an agnostic, slytherin ENFP with a love for pop and romance novels, who is probably married to my PS4 (much to my boyfriend's chagrin-- but he has no room to complain, he can binge watch entire seasons of reality TV quite happily). Him and myself are currently house-hunting for the perfect house, for our two cats and a kitchen big enough that I can do all sorts of cooking experiments of doom (I can make some badass chocolate chip cookies though)

So thank you for adding me! Hopefully you don't find me boring!
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Well I have a bit of an update, full of fannish everything. Some of it involving WWE, some of it involving new games, some of it involving the vacation myself and Owen are going on in May. So without further ado--

WWE - Well at the moment I am waiting for Fastlane to start, 20 more minutes in which I hope Brie Bella kicks the shit out of Charlotte *crosses fingers*, Charlotte is not my favorite wrestler, she's perhaps second in line only after Summer Rae. But I am also pulling for The New Day, and Dean Ambrose. Of course there is also Becky Lynch who is also one of my favorite wrestlers too (along with Bayley) so I am also looking forward to her tag team with Sasha Banks.

Oh yes, I'm starting to be annoyed by Kevin Owens too. (He didn't even pin Dean Ambrose, he pinned Tyler Breeze, and while I also LOVE Tyler Breeze, I don't even pretend that it would be even remotely difficult to do..


I finally played Atelier Rorona, and I love love LOVE it, oh goodness- It isn't a Tales game but it doesn't need to-- I love the simplicity of it even while I hate the whole "HEY YOU HAVE TO DO ALL THE THINGS IN A TIME LIMIT", guess that's the challenge of it. So I definitely want to play more of the Atelier series, here's hoping that I will get around to it.

I got the hotel room for me and Owen in May, we are going to Wilmington NC to the beach, he's never been to the beach and I love it (being a California girl), so I think it will be fun, need to get a new swimsuit and all that, it is going to be so much fun to do the whole beach thing! I can't wait! <3 <3 <3. Though we are also going to the aquarium and roam the boardwalk, it's going to be hopefully a romantic vacation and I'm looking forward to it.

Also, the most important -- I AM GONNA BE AN AUNT! Also more importantly, the little one is going to share my birthday since her mommy is going to have her C-section on my birthday! I am so excited about it, I definitely am going to have baby fever which is probably going to make me doubly annoying.

Well, okay-- I think I'm done now. Hopefully you are all having a great week! And if not, you are in my thoughts and well wishes!


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