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So this is something new that I am gonna do-- I'm going to post one of my icons, and then sort of go on why I chose the song to be the basis of my icon; (since music inspires most of what I do in life-- and back when I RPed regularly, oh gods-- the music)

Default icon - - Laguna Loire | Final Fantasy VIII

Secret-- I actually dislike Final Fantasy VIII.

But you know, characters are important to me, and while playing the game I came soon across the saving grace of that game and one character who has remained one of my favorite characters of all time. I was immediately drawn to him because man, he was just unfailingly cheerful and good natured, albeit clumsy and a bit shy, but that was what made me love him, and the moment that Squall went "I dreamt I was an Idiot", well I just fell head over heels in love with him even more. Because of Laguna's integral placement in the game, I found myself playing through it-- I mean the only character in the main party that I really liked was Selphie (and maybe Edea as well-- because misunderstood villians)

When I created this icon, it was right when the Dissidia Duecodiem art came out, and I found out that Laguna was going to be in it. ICON AHOY! And the song came to me because I wanted something to sort of represent him, and this song really hit

"At least we meet on no man's land-- just footprints in the sand
We meet on no man's land, at last"

I mean I know that Squall accused Laguna of not being a great dad, but I believe without a shadow of a doubt that Laguna tried his hardest-- but situations spiralled out of control, and he had so much to do-- and responsibility just got thrust on him (as such is the case with all capricorns, responsibility hunts them down with a giant gun, shooting to kill). But this song, it's about forgiveness-- the eight letters, three words, one meaning stands for "I am sorry", and I truly believe that at the very end they were able to re-conciliate, and that makes me happy.

Perfect song for Laguna.
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I wanted an icon of Megan Followes Anne from the early 90s Anne of Green Gables series however I wanted the hair to just pop (because it's the hair that makes Anne, as well as her brilliant and sparkling personality-- I thought, red gradient-- there is nothing that could POSSIBLY go wrong. So here I am, experimenting with different light textures--

Then I accidentally make THIS --->

WOAH BESSIE-- IT IS NOT DEMON SPELLED WITH AN E OF GREEN GABLES OKAY! (I wonder how many bodies are buried down the white way of delight?)


I sort of want to use it, because it's definitely cracktastic---

And I sprinkle all things with a little crack because it's not fun to take your fandoms seriously
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I have decided that every couple of days I'm going to take an icon of mine and talk about the inspiration behind it, why I made it with the colours I did, the song lyrics behind it and how I apply meaning from song to said character.

-- Icon 1# (Default); Laguna Loire

I really do not like Final Fantasy 8 as a whole however you wouldn't think it from the massive ammounts of Laguna (and Kiros..*cough cough*) doujinshi that I have in my possession. But I fell in love with Laguna almost straight away. It was his attitude toward life, the way that he held himself and the fact that despite all the bullshit that he faced, he kept that positive attitude. He didn't let himself get weighted down by everything.

Life takes us in bizarre directions and you can either complain bitterly about it, or you can enjoy the ride, get a little bit lost and tack it up to expirience gained.

I made this icon when I first saw the conceptualizations for Dissidia 12 and that really thrilled me because if there was anyone who was a perfect foil for Squall, it was Laguna so they probably thought that he was the natural choice, but seriously the art for Disidia in general is absolutely gorgeous and I would want arts for ALL of them in all seriousness. the blue line background was perhaps because Laguna had a lot going on with his machine gun and I didn't want to detract from it (because let me tell you, I love me Laguna's machine gun)

-Song Choice for Icon Keywords-

"We became the parade on the streets that we once cleaned;
Expendable soldiers smiling at anything."
- "Eight Letters" by Take That

This is a very nostalgic song for the band, it's about the roads in life that was taken and how sometimes really bad things happen but you eventually will come full circle and when creating this icon, the song clicked almost immediately into the icon, locked and loaded like well.. Laguna's machine gun. But the first line into the song is the one most apt and it sort of shows the idealism that Laguna has when he is younger, the thing is that Laguna never really loses it, he is still the dreamer of dreams and the perpetual smiler and that makes him definitely in the top 10 of my favorite Final Fantasy characters, because of that resolve and ability to just smile. I tend to be very attracted to characters like that.


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