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Midnight is what time we got out-- normally start time is 11:30 and end time is 10:00 which is a straight 10 hours' but today we came in at 10:30 and got out at 12:00-- which is too much time.. TOO MUCH TIME DEALING WITH PEOPLE WHO TAKE WAY TOO MUCH OF MY ENERY-- it's like everywhere, everywhere "STUPIDITY SURROUNDS", and you'd think that I wasn't an ENFP with the talk that I am indulging in.

But most people forget one vital function of the ENFP personality-- that is Te.

Fi (function-auxiliary): Hey, let me sit here and read sappy romance novels and listen to Keane music all day
Si (function-inferior): *the kid with the ipod stuck in his ears, playing bejeweled blitz on his cellphone-- every single minute of every single day*

Right between Fi and Si, there is Te--

There was a song written about my Te function, it was by Cake, entitled "Short Skirt, Long Jacket"-- Tertiary function, hates people, hates everyone, likes coffee, likes songs about shooting the balls off of men, is a mean ass motherfucking bitch-- it is the part that exists while I am at work-- there is no fun times with me (unless you are Owen or a chosen few who my Te has deemed 'hard workers' and therefore worthy of being exposed to the other areas of my personality), I will tell you exactly what I think of you and I will do it in the most blunt and brutal way-- the queen of the bitch slap (the ENFP bitch slap is as real as the INFJ door slam-- and the Te function pretty much invented it). There are many people who I have plotted out their deaths intricately in my mind, but unfortunately for Te, my other functions click into place once I leave that raging cesspit, and thus no opportunity to do so (also, as we've discussed-- there's no video games in prison, so murder is a no go, I'd be SOOOO bored)

Today Te was in overdrive, so much that I hopefully will sleep like a baby-- seriously 13 hours in that place like 13 hours too many

Did I mention that I have to wake up in 7 hours to do it ALL again-- motherfucking A-----~!!

What I wouldn't give to work with competent people-- and people say that I act way different on facebook then at work-- well d'uh! I'm happier when I don't have to deal with constant stupidity-- you'd think I was a babysitter or something.

Yes, I'm harsh-- I know--

Sorry for not responding to posts or anything-- I did read all of them (okay I skimmed them)-- but mondays are usually not ideal response days for me-- hopefully y'all had a better and more fufilling monday then I did-- guess I better throw myself at my bed and hope that this adrenaline pans out so that I can sleep!
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Most of the time, [community profile] fandom_secrets has secrets that really aren't relevant to my fandoms or interests but I hit upon a Snape one and I was like "Seriously?". It's like 24/7 Snape bashing on that thread. From a writer's standpoint I can see why people would hate Snape but I can see where he DID NOT get what he wanted in the end.

Snape had a cruddy childhood, the worst possible that you could imagine and I believe that he was on the wrong path anyways and he got to school and was bullied which in turn made him a bully but Lily befriended him and put a small bit of humanity within him. Rejected yes and then when events went down, well he only was protecting Lily's son in her memory, not because he had any sort of love for James' son. (I do like to think that there was something about Harry that was indescribably Lily's, perhaps his smile or his eyes.. idk something that would make it easier for him to want to protect him.)

In the end he died and it was exactly what he deserved. And I'm not saying this in a 'eat penguin shit, snape" sort of way, but rather he had protected Lily's son to the best of his abilities and he didn't have any use anymore. For someone who went his entire life without being loved, well.. I'm not excusing his behavior but neither am I condemning it either.

But character hate is alright, it's something. I think that as far as characters go.. love them or hate them.. the worst is to be ambivalent to them. So if J.K Rowling makes some people hate Snape, well then she did her job amirite?

Fandom, serious fucking business!


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