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- Yeul (FFXII-2)
"Summer disappears like a dream I had; and winter comes with a knife and it cuts you down. [ Oh it never ends, it never ends ]"

I will never ever be able to recreate that icon, and it's probably one of my favorite icons to date-- just wit the feel, the angle, the little light circle that is very gently wrapped around Yuel, the cloud covering and how the colour blends in seamlessly with Yuel.

This entire icon, the song-- oh the song. This is an icon from another game that I really could not care less about, but I loved the Caius and Yuel side story, and the purpose and how he was trying to save her and how it paralleled Serah and Noel's story in a nutshell, I can't really say anymore then that-- but I think that Yuel's entire story is one of 'not being forgotten' and so the song, it really fits.

Man, I still wish I could recreate this icon.
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I wanted an icon of Megan Followes Anne from the early 90s Anne of Green Gables series however I wanted the hair to just pop (because it's the hair that makes Anne, as well as her brilliant and sparkling personality-- I thought, red gradient-- there is nothing that could POSSIBLY go wrong. So here I am, experimenting with different light textures--

Then I accidentally make THIS --->

WOAH BESSIE-- IT IS NOT DEMON SPELLED WITH AN E OF GREEN GABLES OKAY! (I wonder how many bodies are buried down the white way of delight?)


I sort of want to use it, because it's definitely cracktastic---

And I sprinkle all things with a little crack because it's not fun to take your fandoms seriously
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Sent home Owen and now it's time to colour my hair and finish packing for trip to Colorado!

There's a good chance I will upload pictures, though there's also a good chance that it will be Instagram/Facebook uploaded. We are staying with friends that I've known internet wise for years and years-- and I'm only now getting to meet them IRL (protip: if you've been internet friends for more then 15 years, it's safe to say that they are legit and you can probably safely visit them without worrying about whether they will chop you up into little pieces and put you in their trunk).

Going to play a little bit more Beseria before WWE fastlane comes on-- I am rooting for Bayley but it's highly doubtful that she'll beat Charlotte :( because Charlotte is the Pay Per View Queen. Blah!

Owen took me to Cheddars for lunch and he said something funny that made me almost crash the car-- but I can't precisely remember it (my memory can be scetchy sometimes)

On friday I got my hair cut, so it's all one length now (the bad thing about growing out a a-line hair cut is that your front is going to be longer then your back). It feels so much better and I feel like I can comb through it without it getting tangled up in knots, but that also may just be in my head.

On the plane on wednesday, I am going to play some FFIV because I want to see if I can get a little bit closer to The After Years-- here's hoping! (Last time I played, Eblan Castle punked me)


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