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Midnight is what time we got out-- normally start time is 11:30 and end time is 10:00 which is a straight 10 hours' but today we came in at 10:30 and got out at 12:00-- which is too much time.. TOO MUCH TIME DEALING WITH PEOPLE WHO TAKE WAY TOO MUCH OF MY ENERY-- it's like everywhere, everywhere "STUPIDITY SURROUNDS", and you'd think that I wasn't an ENFP with the talk that I am indulging in.

But most people forget one vital function of the ENFP personality-- that is Te.

Fi (function-auxiliary): Hey, let me sit here and read sappy romance novels and listen to Keane music all day
Si (function-inferior): *the kid with the ipod stuck in his ears, playing bejeweled blitz on his cellphone-- every single minute of every single day*

Right between Fi and Si, there is Te--

There was a song written about my Te function, it was by Cake, entitled "Short Skirt, Long Jacket"-- Tertiary function, hates people, hates everyone, likes coffee, likes songs about shooting the balls off of men, is a mean ass motherfucking bitch-- it is the part that exists while I am at work-- there is no fun times with me (unless you are Owen or a chosen few who my Te has deemed 'hard workers' and therefore worthy of being exposed to the other areas of my personality), I will tell you exactly what I think of you and I will do it in the most blunt and brutal way-- the queen of the bitch slap (the ENFP bitch slap is as real as the INFJ door slam-- and the Te function pretty much invented it). There are many people who I have plotted out their deaths intricately in my mind, but unfortunately for Te, my other functions click into place once I leave that raging cesspit, and thus no opportunity to do so (also, as we've discussed-- there's no video games in prison, so murder is a no go, I'd be SOOOO bored)

Today Te was in overdrive, so much that I hopefully will sleep like a baby-- seriously 13 hours in that place like 13 hours too many

Did I mention that I have to wake up in 7 hours to do it ALL again-- motherfucking A-----~!!

What I wouldn't give to work with competent people-- and people say that I act way different on facebook then at work-- well d'uh! I'm happier when I don't have to deal with constant stupidity-- you'd think I was a babysitter or something.

Yes, I'm harsh-- I know--

Sorry for not responding to posts or anything-- I did read all of them (okay I skimmed them)-- but mondays are usually not ideal response days for me-- hopefully y'all had a better and more fufilling monday then I did-- guess I better throw myself at my bed and hope that this adrenaline pans out so that I can sleep!
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In the past couple of days (or perhaps even the past week) we've had an influx of new people to Dreamwidth (way to go LJ, screwing it up-- and after all the great memories that were had, dumb ass russia TOS) so welcome, to all the new friends that I've met on the addme group! (and it's anime subgroup), it's nice to meet many and all of you, and I hope that we shall all be happy friends together!

A brief little introduction-- my name is Nia-- I did my time on LJ from 2001 - 2012 and then I broke up with my ex-girlfriend and just couldn't stand being in that venue anymore, so I moved to DW and have been sort of going back and forth here, fluctuating between periods of activity and inactivity-- this current influx of activity is in part due to an anxiety disorder that I sort of am now realizing is a bit of a problem (I would like to say that it was never there, but I know that I've been using periods of escapism in order to push it under the carpet, not a thing that has been healthy in my life). I am predominately a reader and a gamer (mostly JRPGs, though I've had forays into western styled RPGs when the mood arrives-- I used to make tons of icons, but then I realized that I'm much happier when I make a few icons here and there, and I used to write fics about video games, but well I've lost those voices in my head (or probably a better word is that I have the voices not be so deafening)

So I'm not artsy, I don't watch as much anime as I used to and I ramble-- a lot. I love books, history, cats-- I am just an agnostic, slytherin ENFP with a love for pop and romance novels, who is probably married to my PS4 (much to my boyfriend's chagrin-- but he has no room to complain, he can binge watch entire seasons of reality TV quite happily). Him and myself are currently house-hunting for the perfect house, for our two cats and a kitchen big enough that I can do all sorts of cooking experiments of doom (I can make some badass chocolate chip cookies though)

So thank you for adding me! Hopefully you don't find me boring!
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Well, there's nothing much to post because everything was calm for the most part.

I got my emergency room bill and surprisingly it wasn't as much as I thought it was going to be, so hurrah for that. I just have to go to Financial Services and set up a payment plan, but hey-- I guess that's one less thing to worry about.

Also a note about any icons I post-- if anyone is interested in using any of them-- feel free to! The ones that have no credit keywords are ones that I've made and really, credit is not required in the slightest! I used to be like "CREDIT ME OR ELSE" but hey, I'm just chill and I really just icon for fun here and there-- (and to see if I still have a knack for it). (But please don't take the Alaiyna one-- as she's a character that I used to play on FFXIV, there'd be no real point for anyone to use it except for me)

Hope y'all are doing great! I am about ready to play a little bit of Tales of Beseria and make some fries!
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Yesterday was one of those days where I was so glad when Owen walked in the door-- and of course he came bearing a giant shark plushie as well as a valentines day card (The shark plushie, well I like sea animals-- it's one of the things that naturally makes me squee). It was nice to have him hug me and not let me go, in fact I could tell that he didn't want to let me go.

I can only imagine how he felt when I called him at 5 am to tell him that I was in the emergancy room for heart palpitations. He doesn't sleep very well anyways and so that probably made him extra worried and then he had to go to work that day on top of it. Everyone at work asked how I was and he had to field those questions as best as he could (not an easy task for as shy as he is).

Last night we went to Zaxby's and then we watched some WWE coupled with Jersey Shore (I like Reality TV-- no judging). It was relaxing, and that was when I was mostly sure that it was Anxiety-- because when I am near him, I don't feel these worries that sort of overwhelm me sometimes-- he makes me laugh and helps me forget. And I don't go to bed with a thousand things in my mind that circle around and around. It's one of those nice things about dating your best friend-- is that they can make you laugh when you feel like nothing else can.

For example

*At Texas Roadhouse today*

Me: I would like my steak smothered...
Him:... with a pillow (he is being completely tongue in cheek deadpan)

Today we are going to go see the Lego Batman movie-- trying to go later in order to avoid the influx of kids. It's the saturday before Valentines Day, I am pretty sure by a certain point, parents are going to do the switcheroo and leave their kids home while they go see Fifty Shades of NonConsent, leaving the movie theater for the most part calm. (here's hoping-- seriously)

I was looking through my icons and thinking how it would be awesome to have an icon for ALL my favorite characters-- then I realized that perhaps that would be unrealistic-- so I'll just make icons here and there-- I remember making icons all the time and now, it's just like if I find a really good picture and I can visualize exactly what to do with the picture. Along with the great computer purge, I certainly lost my grip on a lot of things, that included brushes attached to my Corel Paint Shop. But when I was younger and making icons, I liked a lot of frippery froo froos, now-- I just like a clean look about them. (except saturated-- I have a thing for saturation on pictures-- if I think a picture is a problem, then I up the RGB and suddenly everything is alrighto!)

Well, that covers it for my daily post. Hope y'all have a great day!
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Well I have to admit that last weekend was pretty busy. Right now I'm trying to crank out lunch, and I have Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces + Ochiphulus to go in the Final Fantasy Icon Challenge. And much like everything that I seem to do, I end up cranking it out at the last minute.

I will have a much more in depth post coming later today (I hope) however how is everyone on my flist doing?
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Today is the company picnic at Bernheim Forest. I had signed up to make Deviled Eggs however that didn't happen. -_- Going to go get my spark plugs changed AND THEN to the store to pick up some sort of potato salad or something.

I was sooo lazy yesterday.
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So I was printing out labels for the products received and there was a piece of box tape sticking to one of the labels and my hands were filled so I leaned down to try to grasp it with my teeth and the tape caught my lip and ripped skin off.. ouch ouch ouch!

It is so painful.. like woah!



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