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alwaysbeenasmiler: (Laguna☆We became the parade)

~Thought I've made it clear now..~

"That I've always been a smiler!"

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Created on 2013-03-17 22:14:07 (#1986824), last updated 2017-03-23 (12 hours ago)

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Birthdate:Sep 9
Location:Elizabethtown, Kentucky, United States of America
→: shooting star :

+Nia | +ENFP | +Proud Bisexual | +Virgo*Scorpio*Taurus | +Liberal | +Slytherin | +Sith | +Disney Princess (possibly) | +Easily Distracted | +Geek | +Likes: Tales of Series, Fantasy novels, Tea, Britain, Disneyland, making icons and Take That | +Dislikes: Crocs | +Easily friendable (go ahead, try it!)

→ : thoughts and hearts never stop flying round my head :

"Julius Ceasar and the Roman Empire
couldn't conquer the blue sky."

→ : straight on til morning :
where nia hangs: bookfaec, tumblr, instagram, pinterest, goodreads

credit: profile code by fleeting-days

*all icons made by me unless noted in keywords ♥

 photo monksnow.png

[community profile] ff_classchange - A Final Fantasy Teamwork Challenge Community

{ wear }

[community profile] iam the Laguna Loire (Final Fantasy VIII) of Dreamwidth!

Interests (116):

"you spoony bard!", ah! my goddess!, akiha/umeda, ancient history, angel sanctuary, anime, antique bakery, antm, atelier rorona, bishoujo senshi sailor moon, black jack, bleach, blue exorcist, cardcaptor sakura, chobits, chrono trigger, clamp, clannad, cowboy bebop, dean ambrose, death note, depeche mode, discworld, doctor who, downton abbey, duran duran, earthian, fairy tales, femmeslash, final fantasy, final fantasy dissidia, final fantasy iv, final fantasy vi, final fantasy xii, fire emblem, from eroica with love, fruits basket, gankutsuou, gintama, good omens, hakkai/gojyo, hana kimi, hanazakari no kimitachi e, harry potter, heroic legend of arslan, higurashi, higurashi no naku koro ni, hot gimmick, it's clow's fault, jane austen, jj feild, jojo's bizarre adventure, juuni kokki, kimi ni todoke, kuroshitsuji, loki, lord of the rings, lynn flewelling, macross frontier, magic knight rayearth, maria-sama ga miteru, marvel, mercedes lackey, merlin, nightrunner, nodame cantabile, once upon a time, one tree hill, pet shop of horrors, phoenix wright, princess tutu, puella magi madoka magica, pushing daisies, ranma 1/2, revolutionary girl utena, rg veda, rose of versailles, rozen maiden, saiunkoku monogatari, saiyuki, sherlock, simoun, spice and wolf, star wars, stardust, suikoden, supernatural, take that, tales of destiny, tales of eternia, tales of graces, tales of phantasia, tales of symphonia, tales of the abyss, tales of vesperia, tales of xillia, tales of xillia 2, tales of zestiria, tengen toppa gurren lagann, the avengers, tsubasa: reservoir chronicle, vagrant story, valdemar, video games, whiskers on kittens, wish, wwe, x/1999, xenogears, xenosaga, xxxholic, yami no matsuei, yaoi, youkai world reclamation, yuri, yuri on ice

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