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alwaysbeenasmiler: (Laguna☆We became the parade) (Default)
  • Laguna☆We became the parade
Comment: on the streets that we once cleaned, expendable soldiers smiling at anything. [ eight letters, one meaning ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Yeul☆Summer disappears like a)
  • Yeul☆Summer disappears like a
Comment: dream I had; and winter comes with a knife and it cuts you down. [ Oh it never ends, it never ends ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Miku☆And you'll sway in the moon)
  • Miku☆And you'll sway in the moon
Comment: the way you did when you were younger; and we told everybody 'all you need is now!'.
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Jason☆Give me half as much)
  • Jason☆Give me half as much
Comment: but twice as faster today.. might slip away.
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Ranma☆Tell me what it takes to)
  • Ranma☆Tell me what it takes to
Comment: get through, is everyone better as two? If love is what you choose, I chose to leave this all behind.
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Sharon Needles☆And I don't care if)
  • Sharon Needles☆And I don't care if
Comment: people stare; I'd rather boogie then try to fit in. [ turn it up, let me scandalize ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Rena☆Here we come now)
  • Rena☆Here we come now
Comment: on a dark star; seeing demons, not what we are.
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Arthur☆Gotta fight.. gotta strike)
  • Arthur☆Gotta fight.. gotta strike
Comment: 'cause there's no turning away from what you don't want to know [ You gonna set your hope on fire ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Raven☆I don't want to say I'm)
  • Raven☆I don't want to say I'm
Comment: leaving so I'll stay until the weekend; and you can take all your things.. boxes and rings, and get going.
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Madoka/Homura♥Every now and)
  • Madoka/Homura♥Every now and
Comment: again I get lost on the wings of a dream; the air gets clean and the seas get warm and I can do anything.
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Arche☆Give my love to a shooting)
  • Arche☆Give my love to a shooting
Comment: star but she goes so fast that I can't keep up and I'm chasing.
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Battler☆I'm by myself alone)
  • Battler☆I'm by myself alone
Comment: realize that I never need to use no one; when it comes down to my soul, freedom puts my faith in none of the above.
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Kurogane☆No fire where I)
  • Kurogane☆No fire where I
Comment: lit my spark; well I'm not afraid of the dark. [ wise enough to carry these scars without any blame ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Alchohol☆Your songs resolve what)
  • Alchohol☆Your songs resolve what
Comment: my life never will when someone else is picking up the bill
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Zoicite☆For all I carry are)
  • Zoicite☆For all I carry are
Comment: murdered secrets; the price of my blue star-eyed weakness.
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Firion&Carbuncle♣But you and I)
  • Firion&Carbuncle♣But you and I
Comment: We just layed down in the garden.
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Lightning☆Time was all we had but)
  • Lightning☆Time was all we had but
Comment: it was never ours to keep; time can help you find your ground then knock you off your feet.
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Flynn☆My life shows that no man)
  • Flynn☆My life shows that no man
Comment: is an island; I exchanged the piece of life I cut away. [ I'll keep walking down this open road ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Duke☆Animals and children tell)
  • Duke☆Animals and children tell
Comment: the truth, they never lie; which one is more human.. there's a thought, now you decide.
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Kain/Cecil♥Sunshine lollipops and)
  • Kain/Cecil♥Sunshine lollipops and
Comment: rainbows; everything that's wonderful is what I feel when we're together.
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Mark☆Tell me the word and I'll shout)
  • Mark☆Tell me the word and I'll shout
Comment: it out, for what is a voice when in doubt? [ Give me what it is you believe in.. I have all my faith in you ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Jason☆Super heavy elements)
  • Jason☆Super heavy elements
Comment: ingrate me, super sonic elements amaze me; Your opinion is irrelevant, I was born to be magnificient.
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Citan☆We used to think we were)
  • Citan☆We used to think we were
Comment: the bomb but someone left the real one; stayed inside as the rain fall, back then it made no sense to me.
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Sephiroth☆Hey I just met you...)
  • Sephiroth☆Hey I just met you...
Comment: And this is crazy; but here's my number so call me maybe.
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Edgeworth☆And I wish I could)
  • Edgeworth☆And I wish I could
Comment: see the world the way you do, as selfishly as you. [ clear skies gonna fall on you ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Peony/Jade♥No escaping when I)
  • Peony/Jade♥No escaping when I
Comment: start, when I'm in I own your heart. There's no way to ring the alarm, so hold on until it's over.
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Cecil☆And you are the wolf)
  • Cecil☆And you are the wolf
Comment: And I am the moon; and in the endless sky we are one.. in my dreams, the wolf and I.
alwaysbeenasmiler: lj=daikusen (Firion☆Hang on to me tight)
  • Firion☆Hang on to me tight
Comment: and a rose in the wind will be with you wherever you go
Description: lj=daikusen
alwaysbeenasmiler: <user name=shooped> (Zelos☆There's a thin line between the)
  • Zelos☆There's a thin line between the
Comment: dark side and the light side, baby, tonight.
Description: [community profile] shooped
alwaysbeenasmiler: <user name=mewtube> (Leia/Alvin♥My confidence gets stronger)
  • Leia/Alvin♥My confidence gets stronger
Comment: when you're next to me; we pray from miles away and quest for what we long to be.
Description: [community profile] mewtube
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Vanille/Fang♥Happiness never held)
  • Vanille/Fang♥Happiness never held
Comment: on to me until you had me see that together we're just better off
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Edward☆Maybe I should of known it)
  • Edward☆Maybe I should of known it
Comment: Maybe I should've seen; but I'm still lost in my dreams [ I remember holding you ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Tifa☆I never measured up to your)
  • Tifa☆I never measured up to your
Comment: mathematics, I never settled like the dust inside of your attics. [ I got a maniac, she's sitting on my shoulder ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Schwann☆And so I'm telling everybody)
  • Schwann☆And so I'm telling everybody
Comment: I've learnt to fill the hole; I'm baking cakes on sunday for the teatime of my soul.
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Hanyuu/Rika♥You know no one dies)
  • Hanyuu/Rika♥You know no one dies
Comment: in these love drowned eyes; through our love drowned eyes we'll watch you sleep tonight.
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Shion/Mion♥We will meet you where)
  • Shion/Mion♥We will meet you where
Comment: the lights are; the defenders of the faith we are.
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Ahiru☆I could feel the breeze blowing)
  • Ahiru☆I could feel the breeze blowing
Comment: change, blowing through my doorway; warm and restless just as you walk by.
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Raven/Alexei♥So everybody lives and)
  • Raven/Alexei♥So everybody lives and
Comment: everybody dies and no one's gonna love you like I do [ I never needed light to see you ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Sheena/Zelos♣Passion or coincidence)
  • Sheena/Zelos♣Passion or coincidence
Comment: once prompted you to say, "pride will tear us both apart" [ every world is my world ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Ludger☆And at the turn of the tide)
  • Ludger☆And at the turn of the tide
Comment: I feel this part of me dies.. am I washed on your shore barely alive? [ this one's gonna hurt ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Setzer☆Down where the walls come)
  • Setzer☆Down where the walls come
Comment: crashing, down where the proudest fall, down where the fools come rushing in to where they fell before.
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Tonberry☆I will kill you in your sleep)
  • Tonberry☆I will kill you in your sleep
Comment: so you better try (try) to keep awake. [ cause I'm in the kitchen with a knife that's itchin' for your red blood ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Asbel☆I don't know where to start)
  • Asbel☆I don't know where to start
Comment: or how to begin, but I know I love you still [ oh to hold you tight, I'd wait for life ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Muse☆Oh baby anywhere you go)
  • Muse☆Oh baby anywhere you go
Comment: we are bound together; I begin baby where you end.. some things are forever [ circles in the sand ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Peony☆You said you'd lend me)
  • Peony☆You said you'd lend me
Comment: anything, I think that I'll have your company [ but you'll never listen to me...]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Edea☆you've got to be strong enough)
  • Edea☆you've got to be strong enough
Comment: to walk on through the night; there's a new day on the other side. [ relight my fire ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Edea/Ringabel♥I will run for shelter)
  • Edea/Ringabel♥I will run for shelter
Comment: endless summer lift the curse; it feel like nothing matters in our private universe.
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Clow☆Smiling as the shit comes)
  • Clow☆Smiling as the shit comes
Comment: down; you can tell a man by what he has to say [ like four seasons in one day ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Zagi☆Like a butterfly.. a wild)
  • Zagi☆Like a butterfly.. a wild
Comment: butterfly; I will collect you and capture you [ you're my obsession ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Klaus☆No to your letters love)
  • Klaus☆No to your letters love
Comment: No to unsturdy hands, sleeping eyes; I'm told they never lie [ you can't understand how I could just kill a man ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Mytho/Fakir♥You're in my stars you)
  • Mytho/Fakir♥You're in my stars you
Comment: know, don't need a crystal ball to tell me so. [ The sky will fall but I don't care ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Hana☆I am a fountain of blood)
  • Hana☆I am a fountain of blood
Comment: in the shape of a girl; you're a bird on the brim hynotized by the whirl
alwaysbeenasmiler: (GardenGnome☆Creeping up on you)
  • GardenGnome☆Creeping up on you
Comment: is the wrong thing to do; I found your address, got your phone number too. [ I need to be around you, watching you ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Raven/Schwann♣Who are you?)
  • Raven/Schwann♣Who are you?
Comment: What are you fighting for? Holy truth? Brother, I choose this mortal life [ this life is lived in perfect symmetry ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Snow White☆Truly there is joy that)
  • Snow White☆Truly there is joy that
Comment: I want to feel, here in this world is where I want to be [ cause I can't cry anymore ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Nadashiko☆Yes when she glows)
  • Nadashiko☆Yes when she glows
Comment: in the dark and I'm struck by the light; I know that I'll need this for the rest of my life. [ Sleep, my dear ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Usagi☆I don't want to talk it over)
  • Usagi☆I don't want to talk it over
Comment: or carry the world on my shoulders; baby you can't save me.. I'll always wear my heart on my sleeve.
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Sailor Bara☆Fighting evil by)
  • Sailor Bara☆Fighting evil by
Comment: moonlight, winning love by daylight; never running from a real fight [ he is the one named sailor bara ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Sailor Mercury☆Hear the passion)
  • Sailor Mercury☆Hear the passion
Comment: their voices, see the heaven in their eyes; their hopes and schemes are waiting dreams for less then paradise.
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Rosa☆Don't stop.. no -- I'll never)
  • Rosa☆Don't stop.. no -- I'll never
Comment: give up. And I'll I never look back, just hold your head up; and if it gets rough-- it's time to get rough.
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Relm☆A thirst for perfection is in every)
  • Relm☆A thirst for perfection is in every
Comment: heart, like a painter who won't be content with his heart [ looking for a perfect love ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Sheryl/Alto♥I think I know just where)
  • Sheryl/Alto♥I think I know just where
Comment: you're coming from, we've waited for this moment far too long [ let's keep it simple cause it's only love ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: don't steal this one bitches (Alaiyna☆He's stealing salt skin--)
  • Alaiyna☆He's stealing salt skin--
Comment: Telling me I'm winning wars they created just to understand... "the meaning of"
Description: don't steal this one bitches
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Maleficient☆Prick your finger on a)
  • Maleficient☆Prick your finger on a
Comment: spinning wheel but don't make a sound, a drop of blood and now you're taken for all time. [ and you'll be mine ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Becky☆There's a battle ahead--)
  • Becky☆There's a battle ahead--
Comment: many battles are lost, but you'll never reach the end of the road if you're traveling with me [ we know they won't win ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Jinkx☆I'm a primadonna girl..)
  • Jinkx☆I'm a primadonna girl..
Comment: All I ever wanted was the world, I can't help that I need it all. [ you can count on me to misbehave ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: lj user=fleshmaiden (Kefka☆I'm the fucking king of)
  • Kefka☆I'm the fucking king of
Comment: the world-- so get on your knees [ don't you dare test me ]
Description: lj user=fleshmaiden
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Cecil☆And we all shine on)
  • Cecil☆And we all shine on
Comment: like the moon, the stars and the sun [ on and on ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Eshild☆And the sky's same as your)
  • Eshild☆And the sky's same as your
Comment: own- do you think of me? Do the parks and the trees and the leaves reach you there?
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Beryl☆You're on a different road;)
  • Beryl☆You're on a different road;
Comment: I'm on the milky way-- You want me down on earth, but I am up in space [ I don't care..I love it! ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Snow☆It's been 3 months-- over)
  • Snow☆It's been 3 months-- over
Comment: a hundred days since you held my hand-- and I miss you in a thousand ways [ I won't give you to the past.. ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Estellise☆Maybe there's a way)
  • Estellise☆Maybe there's a way
Comment: out of the cage where you live; maybe one of these days you can let the light in [ I wanna see you be brave ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: <user name=ponponpon> (Gladious☆You must be swift as a)
  • Gladious☆You must be swift as a
Comment: coursing river-- with all the force of a great typhon [ somehow I'll make a man out of you ]
Description: [community profile] ponponpon
alwaysbeenasmiler: <user name=ponponpon> (Ignis☆With all strength of a raging)
  • Ignis☆With all strength of a raging
Comment: fire-- mysterious as the dark side of the moon [ somehow I'll make a man out of you ]
Description: [community profile] ponponpon
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Schala☆I beg the dawn-- "break through)
  • Schala☆I beg the dawn-- "break through
Comment: save me, rescue me; wake me from the dead-- my weary head in your embrace" [ the dawn's request ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Sakura☆Sitting with the mortals and)
  • Sakura☆Sitting with the mortals and
Comment: angels, waiting for the morning belle [ if there's a god, does she know my name?-- ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: <user name=vorpalsnickersnack> (Belle☆No you can't change what's)
  • Belle☆No you can't change what's
Comment: done-- it's in the past; so buckle your boots and don't look back [ no pretending this happy ending ]
Description: [personal profile] vorpalsnickersnack
alwaysbeenasmiler: made by ?? (if you made this, speak up!) (Margaery☆Call all the ladies out--)
  • Margaery☆Call all the ladies out--
Comment: they're in their finery; a hundred jewels on throats, a hundred jewels between teeth [ not yet lost all our graces ]
Description: made by ?? (if you made this, speak up!)
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Shylia☆There's a place I know)
  • Shylia☆There's a place I know
Comment: if you're looking for a show-- where they go hardcore and there's glitter on the floor [ everybody take it off ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Gwendal☆Fantasizing-- you have)
  • Gwendal☆Fantasizing-- you have
Comment: starred in all of my daydreams; mesmerizing-- to your credit, my army's failing [ is this called desire? ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Halle☆Got a secret-- can you keep)
  • Halle☆Got a secret-- can you keep
Comment: it, swear this one you'll save... [† because two can keep a secret if one of us is dead †]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Michiru/Haruka♥If the sun refused to)
  • Michiru/Haruka♥If the sun refused to
Comment: shine, I would still be loving you; when mountains crumble into the sea, there will still be you and me. [ thank you ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Blackjack☆An old fairytale told me)
  • Blackjack☆An old fairytale told me
Comment: a simple heart will be prized again; a toad will be our king and ugly ogres will be heroes then
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Eagle☆In a little while I will play)
  • Eagle☆In a little while I will play
Comment: aces and raise my glass in an act of defiance [ but until then I'll scream until I'm hollow ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Viktor☆And in my dreams it feels)
  • Viktor☆And in my dreams it feels
Comment: like we're forty stories tall, and in my dreams it feels like we aren't ever gonna fall [ we're untouchable ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Youko☆When I come to terms--)
  • Youko☆When I come to terms--
Comment: to terms with this; my world will change for me [ on the other side, the storm that surely waits for me ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Anise☆Working for my money)
  • Anise☆Working for my money
Comment: 'cause that's what my momma taught me; so yo ass better show me some respect [ every day is payday ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Biyon☆So close-- and it's you that)
  • Biyon☆So close-- and it's you that
Comment: I believe in; so close and yet so far away I can't touch. I'll hold on for it's you my heart is beating.
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Pheles☆Because I'm doing this)
  • Pheles☆Because I'm doing this
Comment: for the thrill of it, killin' it-- never not chasing a million things that I want [ but I know they'll never own me ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Krelian☆If heaven's grief brings)
  • Krelian☆If heaven's grief brings
Comment: hells rain, then I'd trade all my tomorrows for just one yesterday [ so only say my name ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Kanda☆You shine where others)
  • Kanda☆You shine where others
Comment: fade, you dare to be so brave-- don't compromise, no one can touch you [ just believe ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Konata/Kagami♥Hey you--)
  • Konata/Kagami♥Hey you--
Comment: could you give it a rest? Just take me home and get me undressed [ we're geeks but we know this is love ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Feldt☆Go tell your white knight)
  • Feldt☆Go tell your white knight
Comment: he's handsome in hindsight-- but I don't want the next best thing [ I don't care for your fairytale ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Zavied☆And if I only could make)
  • Zavied☆And if I only could make
Comment: a deal with god, and get him to swap our places [ there's thunder in our hearts, baby ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: <user name=livebites> (Caeda☆And so it goes-- this soldier)
  • Caeda☆And so it goes-- this soldier
Comment: knows the battle with the heart isn't easily won [ but it can be won ]
Description: [community profile] livebites
alwaysbeenasmiler: If you made this, please tell me! (BB-8☆It's tearing up my heart when)
  • BB-8☆It's tearing up my heart when
Comment: I'm with you; but when we're apart-- I feel it too [ baby it feels like we're running out of time ]
Description: If you made this, please tell me!
alwaysbeenasmiler: made by lj=amarylis (Arashi☆I always made it on my own)
  • Arashi☆I always made it on my own
Comment: I always thought that I would keep control-- you changed everything I believe in [ I surrender ]
Description: made by lj=amarylis
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Spain☆I'm gonna make you bend)
  • Spain☆I'm gonna make you bend
Comment: and break-- say a prayer but let the good times roll, in case god doesn't show [ thanks for the memories ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Asche☆If you remember me--)
  • Asche☆If you remember me--
Comment: everyone else can forget-- tell them I have nothing left [ I know you hear me cry ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Cid☆Blame us cause we are who)
  • Cid☆Blame us cause we are who
Comment: we are-- hate us cause they'll never get that far [ everyone loves to love you when you're far away ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Nikkari☆You can't lead me close)
  • Nikkari☆You can't lead me close
Comment: to the edge; you won't ever hear me hit the ground [ blissfully tortured, naked and real ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Umi☆Where do you go when)
  • Umi☆Where do you go when
Comment: your blue; where do you go when you're lonely-- I'll follow you [ when the stars go blue ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Ukitake☆There's a light in your)
  • Ukitake☆There's a light in your
Comment: eyes that I used to be; there's a place in your heart where I used to be me [ did you leave that light burning for me? ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Poland/Liet♥Every night I say a)
  • Poland/Liet♥Every night I say a
Comment: prayer in the hopes that there's a heaven; but every night I'm all confused as the saints turn into sinners
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Akira☆Hey Mister Music)
  • Akira☆Hey Mister Music
Comment: my name's not honey-- don't call me dear; my eyes are up here [ not your american dreamgirl ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: <user name=fireandwind> (Micaiah☆when there is no more space)
  • Micaiah☆when there is no more space
Comment: to grow; build yourself a wall, pile it high with books and climb [ you will spend much more time on your own ]
Description: [community profile] fireandwind
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Aymeric☆You see I dream of many)
  • Aymeric☆You see I dream of many
Comment: things; of floating solitary kings-- of pawns and people with blue sequins through their hair [ mr. chess ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Magilou☆Thunder only happens when)
  • Magilou☆Thunder only happens when
Comment: it's raining-- and players only love you when they're playing [ when the rain washes you clean-- you'll know ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Shirley☆I need a place that's)
  • Shirley☆I need a place that's
Comment: hidden in the deep; where lonely angels sing you to your sleep [ all my days be lit by your face ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Gary☆I'll be your King)
  • Gary☆I'll be your King
Comment: I'll be your queen, and all that happens in between [ all your dreams are made in wonderland ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Ultros/Relm♣We so fresh)
  • Ultros/Relm♣We so fresh
Comment: We got to blame it on jesus; hashtag #blessed-- they aint ready for me [ head to toe, so playah ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Estelle Bright☆And I will never)
  • Estelle Bright☆And I will never
Comment: quit the fight; I'll push the limits of our love [ can't give in or give up my plan ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Yue☆You found hope-- you found)
  • Yue☆You found hope-- you found
Comment: fate; found how fast she could take it away [ god knows even angels fall ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Medusa☆This is how to be a)
  • Medusa☆This is how to be a
Comment: heartbreaker; boys-- they like a little danger [ we'll get them falling for a stranger, a player ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Shinon☆Melancholy phantoms)
  • Shinon☆Melancholy phantoms
Comment: eyes our skin; poison apples falling with the wind [ we are hunters and they are the rabbits ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Anne with an E☆ Thought I made)
  • Anne with an E☆ Thought I made
Comment: it clear now that I've always been a smiler [ sometimes I feel a world away-- how did it ever come to this? ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Demone with an E☆Well)
  • Demone with an E☆Well
Comment: everybody's talking like I'm crazy-- dangerous and lazy girl with no soul [ I'm sliding out of control ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Lum☆Grooving out to x-ray specs)
  • Lum☆Grooving out to x-ray specs
Comment: something tells me you're the alien sex-- I can't imagine what comes next when this astronaut connects
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Chitaru/Hitsugi♥I look to you- how)
  • Chitaru/Hitsugi♥I look to you- how
Comment: you carry on, when all hope is gone; can't you see [ your optimistic eyes seem like paradise to someone like me ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Aerith☆And suddenly I knew that)
  • Aerith☆And suddenly I knew that
Comment: you'd have to go; your world was not mine-- your eyes told me so [ it was there I felt the crossroads of time ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Prophet!Magus☆Familar to me-- did you)
  • Prophet!Magus☆Familar to me-- did you
Comment: cross over an eternity? [ something deep inside makes me feel this really isn't a paradise ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Lyse☆Head under water-- and you)
  • Lyse☆Head under water-- and you
Comment: tell me to breathe easy for awhile; breathing gets harder, even I know that. [ i'm usually hard to hold on to ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Mor☆Yeah I get a little crazy with the)
  • Mor☆Yeah I get a little crazy with the
Comment: razorblade; go and call your momma if you need a bandaid [ everything worth it hurts a little bit ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Elain☆Have you been half-asleep)
  • Elain☆Have you been half-asleep
Comment: and have you heard voices, yes I've heard them calling my name [ someday we'll find it-- the rainbow connection ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Adol☆When I look into your eyes)
  • Adol☆When I look into your eyes
Comment: I'm bigger than the night sky-- as high as the sun, hard as the sun [ we are giants heading home ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Nesta/Cas♥Now I know what I'm about)
  • Nesta/Cas♥Now I know what I'm about
Comment: to lose; now I know what I'm about to choose -- now we go for some reaction, a little game of who's distracted
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Nina(II)☆And long ago I lost myself)
  • Nina(II)☆And long ago I lost myself
Comment: to some forgotten dream; how was I supposed to know it wasn't what it seemed? [ life got cold ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Rain☆Do we only live to die?)
  • Rain☆Do we only live to die?
Comment: or is it that our hearts are magnetized-- did our worlds collide for a reason? [ been here many times before ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Zelda☆I can see the memories of)
  • Zelda☆I can see the memories of
Comment: my heart-- they're playing out in rewind; but every memory that starts is just another sign I'll be fine.
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Prof!Sara☆When I'm on mission)
  • Prof!Sara☆When I'm on mission
Comment: I rebuke my condition-- if you're a strong female, you don't need permission [ I wish I could dance on a single prayer ]
alwaysbeenasmiler: (Baralai☆When you feel your spirit)
  • Baralai☆When you feel your spirit
Comment: weaken-- deep within there shines a beacon; let it guide you like the ancient star-- to the lighthouse of your heart