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I have this unspoken rule that if I don't know the fandom-- I can't use the icon; even if I made it for someone.

THIS icon right here made me go and find myself a game in the Ys series-- Memories of Celceta (Thank you so much [personal profile] batman for inspiring me to pick up the game). So far I like, I forgot how to play Action RPGs but it's refreshing! I sucked at the first boss-- but I'm hoping with time I'll get better!

I honestly think that this is the best icon I've ever made, it just is perfect in so many ways-- I stare at it in awe and I don't even know how it happened-- I am thinking that I might not of been in my right mind because it's hard to think something like that could come out of me. Seriously, I can't even.

Also, thank you all for the kind words you've spoken to me; with my work situation or with icons-- I appreciate all those words. I don't participate in a lot of fandoms and my DW is pretty much a way for me to take all the stress I am feeling and get it out in the open (and harness some creativity), and comments are not required but they are very much appreciated! Y'all rock!
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I had never left work so angry-- (but I didn't post it last night, because I needed to channel my anger into something productive, and hence the icons that I made) I am not angry now, but it may come back if I have to look at dumbfucks mug.

It was a busy day-- I had to do the ferring line (that has to do with estrogen medicines, and progesterone-- all of those ladybit chemicals) and it is especially busy on Wednesday. Well I rocked out close to 13,000 units throughout the day (give or take a hundred, who knows) and I didn't get done until 8 pm (after having worked on that line since 11:30), so afterwards I take myself off to the desk to count then I get on the white golf cart since I have to go to the back to count stuff in the freezer.

*side note: first time I've driven the golf cart, so I was marveling about how wonderful it was-- it was a fairly joyless day so ANY simple pleasure I can take

Well I drive past the lines, going 'wheeee' loudly, so I didn't hear what was said. I say, "What the fuck, I earned this ride" so I took a few victory laps around the bins.

Then I park the golf cart, give it a pat and then head over to give my counts to Cheryl and Owen.

Only to be told by both Cheryl and Owen that when I was driving past, Michael StalSHIT said "Get to work"

They have no reason to lie to me, and being that I know PERSONALLY what a fucking pathological liar he is-- I know immediately that what they said was true.

So I go on a rampage, I can't believe that the King of Slowasses told ME to get to work, especially since at my slowest work pace, I am STILL faster then him. I am loud and I am not hiding the fact that I am completely and totally furious, because he needs to BUTT out of my life and focus on his own work; but hey-- maybe he wouldn't take those 20 min bathroom breaks every two hours (in addiction to regular break) if he didn't keep his CELLPHONE in his pocket the entire time-- hey nothing more fun then facebook on the shitter at work!

He comes up to me and vehemently denies saying it--- but I know him and I don't believe him for a second-- then I tell him to get out of my face. Michael refuses, insisting that he didn't say anything. That is when Owen says "Drop it"-- I mean, I have never heard my boyfriend sound so very menacing. Michael continued to, he wasn't stopping-- and Owen kept saying "Leave her alone" and "drop it". I believe without a shadow of a doubt if Supervisor Mike hadn't come by when he did-- there would of been a 5 ft 6 guy completely jumping and beating the shit out of a six foot dude, seriously-- my boyfriend was pissed and looked like he was about ready to go to war for me.

Since I was a bit frightened that Michael was going to be at my car-- Owen, Cheryl and I went to go talk to Cindy. Michael hung around away from us a little bit but then he gave up and went out to his own car to go home. And when I walked out with Owen, Michael did the first wise thing that I think he's ever done-- he actually left. Oh, I know he wanted to pursue the matter but I wanted to have nothing to do with him, I'd rather just ignore his existence like I usually do.

To all you who read through this; thank you-- I know it was long and somewhat negative. (You can also see why I just wanted the icon love last night)

On a happy note-- it's my friday! woohoo!
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I wish it was possible for me to actual to do tutorials, but I am lazy AF and I will forget exactly how I did this-- but let me just bask-- simply bask
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my Mor icon is lyricless--

I need to change this.

Hopefully the lyrics fairy punches me in the face sometime today while I'm busy with work.

Edit: yes I am a dork-- all my icons need lyrics or they don't feel complete

Maybe Bubblegum Bitch by Marina and the Diamonds?
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We won't talk about work-- we just won't, because that is when I get angry and then I want to punch people in the face

Instead I will talk about how much I am enjoying "A Court of Wings and Ruin" by Sarah J. Maas.

I like her Aelin Galithenius series alright, I suppose; though some (most) of the characters don't resonate with me like the Court series. And I actually hated the first book when I read it, A Court of Thorns and Roses was not my most favorite because I didn't care for Tamlin, I didn't like Feyre (until things happened that made her a more interesting character) but I read the next book, and Sarah J. Maas rained down on me a sea of INTERESTING CHARACTERS (tm). I adored Mor, Amren, Cassian, Azriel and Rhysand, they were my squad goals right there, and then you got to see more of Feyre's sisters (whom also A++++), and that is quite simply a recipe for epic.

The Throne of Glass series was interesting but the characters for the most part-- Caleana was too cocky, I didn't really like Chaol, I didn't like her other significant other, her mate-- I did like Lysandra but only because I have a big fondness for bitchy bitches (*waves the Team Nesta flag*), and yeah, I did like the Blackbeaks, my favorite part of the entire book was that coven of witches.

But for me, a book hinges on interesting characters-- if a book doesn't have characters that I like (or enough of them), it falls flat.

Rome was saved for good characterizations.

Look at Twilight-- I disliked the main couple, but I did like the side characters and they were the only reason I kept listening to the audiobook when otherwise I would of been like "KILL THE BOOK WITH FIRE"-- so yes, I can say that Twilight has 'some' merit, not a lot but some; certainly not enough to think that a 20 year old werewolf imprinting on a 5 year old is fine-- ewww Stephanie Meyers, EWWWW!)

Now to start making some Sarah J. Maas icons!

How is everyone's week going?

Hopefully well!
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Alright, I've poured myself a glass of wine and I'm raring to go.

House update: We went through the general inspection and there are a lot of really 'little' things wrong with the house-- a few things that could add up over time, and we've requested that the seller take care of those first. It is a 'flipped' house so there are some things that we are surprised that wasn't addressed-- a few plugs that do not work-- poor insulation on the deck steps right by the back door-- we have gotten the process going on the home loan but here's hoping that those things get worked out. The stuff worries Owen more then it does me-- or rather the cosmetic stuff, but I figure that there are things that I shouldn't worry about-- things that will have no bearing on how the house runs and/or will not be detrimental to the house in the long run.

I can still see myself in the house but Owen is a capricorn and worries easily-- so who knows.

We went to Meijers and I bought myself the new Sarah J. Maas book, "Court of Wings and Ruin"-- I prefer it before the other series of hers (blasphemy-- I know, but then it hinges on how I like the main characters, and I like Feyre and Rhysand better then I do the main characters in the Throne of Glass series.) I am reading the book now but I know it's gonna be slow going with everything that's going on in my life-- here is to finishing the book before the summer starts!

I watched Harlots and I think that was the season's end; I hope that it comes back for another season because it was really good and I think that those storylines really did come to a head and wrap up but I also see that there are a lot of open endedness so that they can find new things to write about in the series.

I finished the plotline for FFXIV, and while I don't have precisely what I want in terms of how I want to go into Stormsblood, I figure that I am close enough to being optimally geared up in SMN that I can make the direct crossover and it won't be much of a stretch to do so (it's hard running )

Okay that's all the update for today-- and yet I still haven't finished my glass of wine!


May. 20th, 2017 09:53 pm
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All ready to launch into Stormblood when it comes out--

And let me say, I am halfway in love with Lyse (even though I didn't care much for Yda-- that part when she revealed herself sort of got me right in the gut)

And yes, I made an icon to commemorate my love for her.
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I've never done one of these-- so bear with me! Taken from [community profile] thefridayfive

1. How did you name your pets?

L.I.T.A and D.I.T.A came from this crack conversation myself and an ex-boyfriend had regarding his brother-- where this cybernetic kitty is created to take him out-- complete with lasers for eyes, machete claws and a stinger attached to the tail which emits highly toxic poison-- D.I.T.A which stands for "Death Incarnate To All". Then when I met D.I.T.A-- I decided I wanted her sister too and thus came "Love Incarnate To All"

Little did I know that their personalities would switch, L.I.T.A is the one most likely to kill someone while D.I.T.A is a little cuddlebutt. Generally pets are named after the current addictions of the moment, or some sort of crack theory.

2. Poirot or Miss Marpel?

Miss Marpel-- because girl power

3. Do you have a FB account too?

I do-- it is Here for all interested (feel free to add me, as most of you I know are pretty liberal and won't trigger me-- yeah, that's a pretty way of saying that for the most part I trust my flist).

4. Books - hardcover or paperback

All depends-- if it's a book that I seriously need RIGHT NOW (I am looking at you "Court of Wings and Ruin"; damn you and your stupid cliffhanger at the end), then I will cave and buy the hardcover-- but generally I prefer paperback)

5. Mobile(cell phone): Windows/Android or Apple?

I have an Android-- I wouldn't know what to do with an iphone even if I did have one (though Owen has an iphone and will ask me how to do things on his phone and I am like "Oh gods, I don't know how to apple!")
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Well house update--

We submitted an offer, and it was accepted! So that lovely house is gonna be ours!

This month me and Owen play at being adults, this will be interesting (Who am I kidding, I will be playing at being an adult-- Owen is a capricorn and thereby born old)


I also have to do a wiccan cleansing so I'll probably go to one of the pagan stores in Louisville and buy stuff to do that. If anyone is pagan and has a cleansing spell, send it my way!
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Wow, the icon I made last night (as stress relief) was the first one to come up on the list-- and it's simple, but it's Aerith-- so come on, it has to be some sort of simple, no red light (which is my honest to god icon signature, it's hard to get rid of that little red flare)-- just Aerith in all her holy glory and with the song of inspiration being "The Old Ways" by Loreena McKennit-- because she dies, and that is a quintessential "too good for this world' song (and let's face it, music inspires me so much that I have to make my keywords as lyrics from songs that just fit)

*come on you guys, FFVII has been out for like years, half as long as I am-- spoiler warnings should be moot for that game, everyone knows she dies and I think the status of limitation has worn out on any type of spoilery-warning. It's similar to Xenogears and the whole 'eating people' thing. it is like they created the Solarians and thought-- how can we make these people in the sky 'not' like the Zealians from Chrono Trigger-- I know-- MECHA-- AND WAIT, HOW ABOUT SOYLENT GREEN!


The last song on my icon drop-down menu--

Zoicite from Sailor Moon; using a song off of Duran Duran's "All you Need Now" album-- very pop trash just like I imagine that character to be.

On unrelated note-- let's get this girl the coffee so she can do the workee
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Why do I even bother posting when we all know that mondays are the worst day of the week for me.

But it also had to do with inept realtor and his inability to communicate anything coherant to us; the only reason we are using him is because we were pressured into it by family.

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I wanted an icon of Megan Followes Anne from the early 90s Anne of Green Gables series however I wanted the hair to just pop (because it's the hair that makes Anne, as well as her brilliant and sparkling personality-- I thought, red gradient-- there is nothing that could POSSIBLY go wrong. So here I am, experimenting with different light textures--

Then I accidentally make THIS --->

WOAH BESSIE-- IT IS NOT DEMON SPELLED WITH AN E OF GREEN GABLES OKAY! (I wonder how many bodies are buried down the white way of delight?)


I sort of want to use it, because it's definitely cracktastic---

And I sprinkle all things with a little crack because it's not fun to take your fandoms seriously
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Owen and I have found our dream home-- we made an offer but we are not sure that it will get accepted-- it is a place that I can see myself growing old with Owen in. I can see it snow covered, rain soaked, a little porch swing on the porch so that we can rock in the evenings. Doesn't it look like something out of Anne of Green Gables-- it is a house that NEEDS a name. And I want to name it-- the kitchen is beautiful and big, there is a bathtub that is deep and perfect for reading-- stairs with a sunny spot that the cats can lounge on.

We are going to talk to the Loan officier on monday and then submit an offer

I cannot help but thing that this house is perfect, that it is meant for us.

I hope so-- I really do.
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No rant today-- but if I felt like ranting; I could write a whole freakin' novel--

All I have to do is repeat the mantra-- 'get through this day, get through this day' over and over again, and perhaps I will survive to see my days off on wednesday and thursday!

Let's just say, I am getting sick and tired of coming in two hours early only to get out two hours late, because of morons.
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Well it seems like I have a bunch of nonsense posts-- but then there is that one ranty post (usually reserved for work, since pretty much that is the only problem with my life), then the happy fun fun weekend redux post where I tell y'all exactly what I did and where I went.

Well first of all, I started Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel. I couldn't wait to play it, I decided to sort of play Trails in the Sky SC here and there as I played through the game; and I did get stuff done, I figured out where I was in that game and ticked some things off the Bracer checklist-- but I think that Trails of Cold Steel actually improved on a system that I enjoyed to begin with (not to mention the 'extra hit- link system' is pretty darn nifty as well!). So I've been sort of playing that here and there, it takes me extra slow because I don't want to miss things (and it's so hard in a Legend of Heroes game, all dat AP and BP)

Thursday, my supervisor came up to me and was like "Hey, you wanna work 9:30 to 11:30 on friday. I knew that if I didn't say yes, there would be a mass forcing so I said okay, it was only two hours and all I had to do was ice gaylords. It wasn't gonna be too bad. Yes, I had to wake up early-- but well next week I knew I was gonna have two days off so I figured, why not. It was simple and I didn't have to put up with idiots, and afterwards I drove to Owen's, where we got set to go see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol #2. And let me say, It was so awesome! I loved it! and what made it extra special was that Owen bought me the Baby Groot Popcorn bowl and Sippy cup! (for children, I know-- but I wanted them so baaaad)

Afterwards we went to Texas Roadhouse and I got a 12 ounce New York Strip, and oh my gosh-- it was so delicious! I have been wanting steak for the longest time, at least two weeks now.. and I gots it! (Owen surprised me by wanting an appetizer, and fried pickles at that-- I asked if he was pregnant, he just laughed *LOL MY SENSE OF HUMOR-- GOOD THING HE IS USED TO IT*. Afterwards we came back, watched some Raw, some Smackdown and then RuPaul's Drag Race (and let me say, there is only two drag queens now in the running that I don't like, I was so happy because it was a faceoff between two I didn't like-- now to get rid of Nina Bo'Bina and Trinity, GO ALEXIS MICHELLE, who I like because she reminds me of my ex-husband, and if I told him that-- he'd probably be ridiculously honoured)

Yesterday was a slumming around the house in sweatpants day, in which I play the video games while Owen watches his reality tv. It was fun, and one of those down days that I needed-- I will get another down day starting wednesday, since I AM OFF WED and THURS woohoo! I had to go into work again this morning (I like money, what can I say) but I got to come home after an hour and a half, and am now watching Vikings because I've been meaning to start the series ages ago, history nerd that I am.

What's up with y'all? Having a good weekend I hope! If you want to drop a comment and tell me about it, I'd love to hear about it!


May. 6th, 2017 09:37 pm
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Here are the Rurouni Kenshin (Saitou and Kaoru) icons you requested! (I apologize for the profound lateness, been busy with RL matters -and not gonna lie; video games)

Note: This icons are up for grabs only if [personal profile] kalloway releases them to the public as she made the request for them (check comments for confirmation!)

Hope you like them!

| | |
Next Up: Requests for [personal profile] facetiousfutz

Request Here
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Waxing nostaglic on video games--

See, video games were my first form of geekery growing up (well books was, but video games was that foray into the realm of JRPGs, which was intense in and of itself). Yeah, I watched anime but it wasn't as easy to get to in the early 90s and my exposure was what they had at Blockbuster video or on the Sci Fi channel for the Japanimation week which happened sometime in August every year, so since it wasn't readily available, I enjoyed it when I was able to get my paws on it, but I didn't outwardly pursue it-- my options were severely limited when I was 13/14.

But then I was introduced to JRPGs in the form of FFIV-- (well III back in the 90s-- if only I still had that box cover with Mog being a badass on the front) and I was absolutely hooked-- it was the Opera Scene that did it for me (the first scene that I watched, and I was watching it because the kid I babysat was playing through it and I was like "Wow, this is the coolest thing I've ever seen"-- (coincidentally that scene gave me a glimpse into two of my three favorite characters in FFIV, Ultros and Setzer.) And then it was on, I had to have the game-- I had to have a Super Nintendo. I saved up my babysitting money for two weeks (I had a 10 hour a day Babysitting job, yeah-- the Super Nintendo pretty much only took me two weeks to save up for). Then I pretty much spent the entire summer playing it, only to culminate with me beating the game on my birthday, staying up all night to plow my way through Kefka's Tower-- first game I ever beat (I'm not counting Aladdin on the Sega Genesis, though beating that game was how I proved to the kids I babysat that I had some street cred, once I beat that game for them, they thought I was the 'coolest babysitter ever'.)

That started my love for JRPGs, and then it was like-- I just couldn't get enough.

Chrono Trigger
the list goes on and on-- if it was available and was an RPG, I would play it. That is the reason why I have so MANY video game icons. Because playing video games gave me an escape in a way that anime couldn't-- it was like the fine line between books and video games, where I could become part of the story, either through reading or playing the game. (I like anime, but I've always been a bit choosy about anime, the story has to hit me just right-- the characters have to be engaging enough that I don't feel that itch to do something else)

Now I remember playing Tales of Destiny (I actually rented that game at a supermarket, back when grocery stores had a little video game rental section) and liking the game but being a bit daunted by the battle system, which is the reason why I never really picked up any of the Tales series-- until around 2010-2011 when Tales of Vesperia came out, and then suddenly I was hooked-- and had to play EVERY TALES GAME SINCE THEN.. hell now I usually preorder the COLLECTORS EDITION because I am a nerd warrior like that.

I've gotten into a few western RPGs, like Dragon Age-- but I really like the charm of JRPGs, of going on a Bracer Mission with Estelle Bright, of the silliness that is the Ultros, as you are fighting him while going down the Lete river on a raft, of being hit with the Tales fan favorite attack of 'pow hammer!'. Not to say that JRPGs don't handle darker themes, they do-- all the games touch on weighty matters as well-- matters that help you make sense of your own personal viewpoint of the world-- Xenogears was like a revelation to me, touching upon religious matters that I only thought about in the darkest part of my mind, and then there was Tactic's message, 'blame god or blame yourself'-- which taught me about personal accountability for one's own actions.

I've started Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel (and played a little bit of Trails in the Sky SC-- enough to barely make it out of the Kaldia Tunnel Monster with Agate alive, thanks Agate for being the most resilient of ALL my characters.) and I wonder, who will my favorite characters be? What lesson will I take away from it? Who can say? but I'm going to have fun in the process!

Hopefully y'alls week is going well!

Stay cool!
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It always a rant about monday-- though unlike last week, I actually have the energy to post it (not to mention there are no demands to come in at 10:30--). Today my rant touches upon the idea of 'work relationships'. You may say "I don't know why you have much to say about this, you have a work relationship"-- indeed I do, but mine regards other people.

To clarify: Owen and I have a work relationship-- we are the type of people who met at work and fell in love, but as well, we are not little 24 year olds who want to screw at every possible moment, being respectively 37 and 35, we've both sort of matured in that respect (not that I won't fall on his dick once we're right out of work, but at work-- we keep it professional-- there may be an exchanged glance of amusement/frustration or etc, but you won't find us sneaking kisses in darkened corners, we just want to hustle hard and go home where we can do that without the prying eyes of the entire warehouse. I am not saying we are perfect, but I am saying that we know that there is a time and place for this-- also, I don't get jealous if Owen stands next to a girl-- seriously, the world is FULL of girls, and gosh darn it, I'm gonna have to stand next to some boys, as there's a 49 percent chance that it will be a boy that I have to stand next to at any given point in my work day. Oh well.

(added note: I am trying to get on another shift so me and him can take vacation together, since our work won't let us take anything off together except the occasional wednesday/thursday combo, in which point that makes going to Orlando COMPLETELY difficult, so I'm actively trying to get off the shift)

Now on to story-- there is this guy, and he got his wife on. They are young, he is 27 and she is 21, they are in different departments despite him trying to get her on in his department, they were seperated because our old supervisor was like "Oh hell no, not a married couple". She wanted to get on I think because of this girl that used to work on our shift (if you need a point of reference visual wise, think "cash me ousside' girl, except hair more purple and skinny like a reed), well the wife was VIOLENTLY jealous of her and I was pretty sure that she wanted to get on shift so that she could 'monitor' her husbands activities regarding this girl. Because she was convinced that the girl was trying to take him away from her (uck)

There was calls from husband and wife duo that "Well Owen and Nia work together"-- but the response was always 'well Nia and Owen don't work like they are a couple-- best friends yes, a couple no." which is essentially the truth-- we are a seamless unit, and if we have to work together-- we tend to anticipate each other's role and then sink into the best possible match in terms of how to work.

Still wife unit tries to get on our shift, works a bit later to help our shift. Yesterday she was given an order to help Mariah's line (I was given orders to help both Mariah's line and Leonard's line and check, so I couldn't get too comfortable wherever I was), she helped for around 10 minutes, until she decided that she wanted to work next to her husband-- then she uprooted herself and headed to his line to work.

And then she does absolutely nothing except lean on the table and talk to her husband

To which point I go "That is why she won't be coming to this shift anytime soon"-- because of her complete and utter desire to being attached to her husband's hip-- it's like she wanders around and keeps tabs on him constantly (I know she doesn't think that I am a threat, because her husband annoys me 49 percent of the time, but one can really never tell---) I know that if the new person that we hire is a girl-- a young attractive girl, she is going to think that the girl has dibs on her man *once again, her husband is no prize

I know she complains to everyone that me and Owen are on the same team, but I mean it is possible to work together and have a relationship-- you just have to be smart about it-- wanting to be in the other's pocket is JUST NOT GOING TO CUT IT. That's more destructive then it is constructive

Well that was my rant, but it really would of been nice to have the wife part of the duo helping Mariah, we would of gotten done with Cervedil much much faster-- but for that pesky work relationship. Why can't people just hustle and go home?
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A Yuri!!! on Ice Friending Meme

Obsessed with Yuri!!! on Ice?

Come make new friends!

@ [community profile] yurionicefans

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I actually was pretty with it on creating myself some icons yesterday-- I did one of Estelle Bright, Yue (Card Captor Sakura), Medusa, and Shinon (Fire Emblem)-- so woohoo, I can't complain now that I never make icons for myself-- for the most part they turned out alright, there are a few kinks and goodness knows there are much more icons that I want to make-- but as I get pictures that I really dig, then I will make more icons (There are 4 pictures now in my to-be-made folder, and those aren't necessities, just pictures that I would like to make an icon of)

Yesterday I woke up with a pretty major migraine so I stayed in bed mega-late, then I went out to run all my errands and clean for Owen to get here, then once he did-- we went to Rally's and then we came home and watched wrestling stuff-- I enthused about my soon-to-be tattoo and then thought vomited more plans for Orlando trip (happening late March of next year-- it won't be too cold but it won't be hot either-- perfect time to go to Florida I think)

Today we woke up and went to Cheddars, and we had a waiter who was somehow managing to push us out-- Seriously, when we got our food, he put our check down-- and then when I was still eating my ribs, he was like "Do you need a to-go box" and I was halfway tempted to go "No, I need you to let me finish my ribs". I understand the enthusiasm but the different things that he did make it seem like he wanted us in and out as soon as possible (It wasn't even busy in there anyways)

Today I also go down to New Albany in order to talk to the girl about my Ultros tattoo-- woohoo, I can't wait! I think it will be super fun! I really just can't wait to have Ultros on my shoulder, it will be badass!

Hopefully all you guys are having an awesome weekend! <3


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