Jun. 6th, 2017

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I find it funny when people make secrets going "I CANNOT SEE WHY PEOPLE ARE OBSESSED WITH THIS THING, I THINK IT'S OKAY/CRAP BUT IT'S REALLY NO BIG DEAL'. Made a secret because people as a whole are really shitty and have blinders on when it comes to other people and likes/dislikes. There are many things that I CANNOT STAND. But I do not throw off the validity of them just because I do not like them, it just means that I probably won't ever talk to someone about it because I cannot stand the thing. Everyone should do what they like the best, and to hell with everyone else.

Made a secret because the person probably realizes that PEOPLE DO NOT CARE!

Do I have things I don't like? Of course! Who doesn't!

1.) Kingdom Hearts (the unholy marriage of squenix/disney-- and I neither like Sora, Riku, Kairi or Namine)
2.) The Walking Dead (Zombies are gross and disgusting, I have seen a few episodes and I just spent the entire time thinking that if the zombie apocalypse were to occur, you can just give me an ETHER SOAKED RAG PLEASE-- anything to take away the no doubt horrible smell away)
3.) Full Metal Alchemist (it wasn't the same for me when Hughes died-- he was my only reason for watching it)
4.) Transformers or Power Rangers (I shouldn't lump the two of them together but I do-- boyfriend loves Power Rangers though, but he went to see the movie without me... thank goodness! And Transformers was not my breakout into giant robots-- that was Xenogears)

Everyone is free to have likes and dislikes-- that is what makes people so fascinating, because they are all keyed up on different things-- what makes me enthusiastic, in another person it'd spur a sort of ambivalence, and vice versa)


On a RL note-- we are in the final stage of our home buying expirience, we should be closing on the 23rd, then the fun moving occurs and that is when I probably won't be online for a few weeks while Owen and I are getting everything ready for cohabitation. It's so exciting-- seller opted to make all the repairs we requested and it's gonna be so much fun! Woohoo! <3 But best part is that I'll be living with my best friend! (he'll have to drag me away from video games ever so often, but I think it'll be a fun expirience to live with Owen)


Music Meme!

Now, due to this meme-- y'all are gonna see how varied my music taste truly is

6. A Song that you like that has a positive message -

"You Belong to You" by Johnny Hates Jazz

Okay, so I veered-- this should of been "A song that makes you want to dance" but all my music makes me want to dance, so I decided that this was when I make this meme my own. This is personalized so to speak. This album by Johnny Hates Jazz is their current one (I seriously didn't know that it existed until a few years ago). Then I heard Magnetized and fell in love. Now, Johnny Hates Jazz is known for their classic song, "Shattered Dreams" but the lead singer is a notorious anti-war, pro native american rights, but I didn't quite realize what a feminist he was until I heard this song, but it makes so much sense-- this song is pretty much about how a woman doesn't belong to a man, no matter the relationship-- be it marriage or anything else. That love should be a guiding light, and freely given between both parties-- I have never heard such a positive message from a male singer, definitely a song that is worth the listening to!

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