Jun. 4th, 2017

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Bath and Body Semi-Annual sale is on, for anyone who is about as obsessed with the smell goods as I am. I have a reputation to maintain and well they brought back my signature scent "Be Enchanted" for the sale. Which means that I bought two body lotions, a bubble bath and a spray. (I'm going to need a little place to put all my Bath and Body Works when we get the new place, like a little vanity table for the bathroom or something)

I am currently plowing my way through Trails of Cold Steel again, want to make icons but all inspiration has fled (feast or famine, everyone-- I either have tons of inspiration or I am literally scraping at the bottom, trying to find where it has gone). I thought about doing the friday five, but then I flaked out and was like "Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" maybe not. I think it's going to be a browse pinterest and play video games sort of day-- and maybe if I'm lucky, I'll make an icon.

(which reminds me, I hit my icon buyable limit-- so I'm at the max icon space of 500, 500 slots to fill and no inspiration to fill them-- boo)

I also want an icon of Zelgadis from Slayers-- I remember loving that show! Lina Inverse = Strong Woman, and then there was her guy, Gourry-- who was a big beef head. I think that maybe I should see if Owen would want to watch Slayers, I think he'd like it (He's a lot like Zelgadis)

Edit: Just decided to start Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans; let's see if I like it!

Edit2: I also am starting to read Immortal Rain; yeah-- my heart is breaking.


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