May. 27th, 2017

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I have this unspoken rule that if I don't know the fandom-- I can't use the icon; even if I made it for someone.

THIS icon right here made me go and find myself a game in the Ys series-- Memories of Celceta (Thank you so much [personal profile] batman for inspiring me to pick up the game). So far I like, I forgot how to play Action RPGs but it's refreshing! I sucked at the first boss-- but I'm hoping with time I'll get better!

I honestly think that this is the best icon I've ever made, it just is perfect in so many ways-- I stare at it in awe and I don't even know how it happened-- I am thinking that I might not of been in my right mind because it's hard to think something like that could come out of me. Seriously, I can't even.

Also, thank you all for the kind words you've spoken to me; with my work situation or with icons-- I appreciate all those words. I don't participate in a lot of fandoms and my DW is pretty much a way for me to take all the stress I am feeling and get it out in the open (and harness some creativity), and comments are not required but they are very much appreciated! Y'all rock!
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[community profile] icontalking

A really fun challenge community that is more of a 'personal' challenge type thing (since there is no voting); it's just make the icons to fit the theme and then submit and after a month, all the icons get posted and people can ooh and ahh over there! If you're interested in making icons but you aren't interested in competing, that is a great community!
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So I watched the first episode of Terrace House- Boys and Girls in the City, a japanese reality tv show; like the Real World-- but so much more polite. Then I was like "Owen has to watch it", because he loves reality t.v and I thought that he'd be amused.

I showed him the first episode--- and soon one episode turned into three, and then into 9 before he had to leave, it successfully made him NOT think about his fasting for Ramadan (which he survived the first day of, I know my boyfriend is very strong but I still feel guilty about consuming food and drink in front of him, not because I think he will cave but as a respect to his religion).

Seriously, because it's so calm-- I think that makes the series even show even more fucked up. Like what happens at Blue Note with Yuriko and Yuki, That was so very messed up in it's entirety. then at the end of it, I asked him if he was addicted-- he smiled sheepishly and said "yeah--". So now I have to watch it with him-- it's a whole bunch of drama llama-- and the commentary is actually pretty refreshing. But I love their level of scandalized, so much that I wonder how they'd react to Jersey Shore. (oh gods, "fast horrified japanese talking* DTF *fast horrified japanese talking* SITUATION *fast horrified japanese talking blah blah* SNOOKIE")

If anyone ever wondered how easy it is for me to fall into random series-- well there's your answer, it obviously takes the time it takes me to read a simple post about a japanese version of The Real World-- so approximately five minutes.


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