May. 20th, 2017

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I've never done one of these-- so bear with me! Taken from [community profile] thefridayfive

1. How did you name your pets?

L.I.T.A and D.I.T.A came from this crack conversation myself and an ex-boyfriend had regarding his brother-- where this cybernetic kitty is created to take him out-- complete with lasers for eyes, machete claws and a stinger attached to the tail which emits highly toxic poison-- D.I.T.A which stands for "Death Incarnate To All". Then when I met D.I.T.A-- I decided I wanted her sister too and thus came "Love Incarnate To All"

Little did I know that their personalities would switch, L.I.T.A is the one most likely to kill someone while D.I.T.A is a little cuddlebutt. Generally pets are named after the current addictions of the moment, or some sort of crack theory.

2. Poirot or Miss Marpel?

Miss Marpel-- because girl power

3. Do you have a FB account too?

I do-- it is Here for all interested (feel free to add me, as most of you I know are pretty liberal and won't trigger me-- yeah, that's a pretty way of saying that for the most part I trust my flist).

4. Books - hardcover or paperback

All depends-- if it's a book that I seriously need RIGHT NOW (I am looking at you "Court of Wings and Ruin"; damn you and your stupid cliffhanger at the end), then I will cave and buy the hardcover-- but generally I prefer paperback)

5. Mobile(cell phone): Windows/Android or Apple?

I have an Android-- I wouldn't know what to do with an iphone even if I did have one (though Owen has an iphone and will ask me how to do things on his phone and I am like "Oh gods, I don't know how to apple!")


May. 20th, 2017 09:53 pm
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All ready to launch into Stormblood when it comes out--

And let me say, I am halfway in love with Lyse (even though I didn't care much for Yda-- that part when she revealed herself sort of got me right in the gut)

And yes, I made an icon to commemorate my love for her.


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