May. 2nd, 2017

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It always a rant about monday-- though unlike last week, I actually have the energy to post it (not to mention there are no demands to come in at 10:30--). Today my rant touches upon the idea of 'work relationships'. You may say "I don't know why you have much to say about this, you have a work relationship"-- indeed I do, but mine regards other people.

To clarify: Owen and I have a work relationship-- we are the type of people who met at work and fell in love, but as well, we are not little 24 year olds who want to screw at every possible moment, being respectively 37 and 35, we've both sort of matured in that respect (not that I won't fall on his dick once we're right out of work, but at work-- we keep it professional-- there may be an exchanged glance of amusement/frustration or etc, but you won't find us sneaking kisses in darkened corners, we just want to hustle hard and go home where we can do that without the prying eyes of the entire warehouse. I am not saying we are perfect, but I am saying that we know that there is a time and place for this-- also, I don't get jealous if Owen stands next to a girl-- seriously, the world is FULL of girls, and gosh darn it, I'm gonna have to stand next to some boys, as there's a 49 percent chance that it will be a boy that I have to stand next to at any given point in my work day. Oh well.

(added note: I am trying to get on another shift so me and him can take vacation together, since our work won't let us take anything off together except the occasional wednesday/thursday combo, in which point that makes going to Orlando COMPLETELY difficult, so I'm actively trying to get off the shift)

Now on to story-- there is this guy, and he got his wife on. They are young, he is 27 and she is 21, they are in different departments despite him trying to get her on in his department, they were seperated because our old supervisor was like "Oh hell no, not a married couple". She wanted to get on I think because of this girl that used to work on our shift (if you need a point of reference visual wise, think "cash me ousside' girl, except hair more purple and skinny like a reed), well the wife was VIOLENTLY jealous of her and I was pretty sure that she wanted to get on shift so that she could 'monitor' her husbands activities regarding this girl. Because she was convinced that the girl was trying to take him away from her (uck)

There was calls from husband and wife duo that "Well Owen and Nia work together"-- but the response was always 'well Nia and Owen don't work like they are a couple-- best friends yes, a couple no." which is essentially the truth-- we are a seamless unit, and if we have to work together-- we tend to anticipate each other's role and then sink into the best possible match in terms of how to work.

Still wife unit tries to get on our shift, works a bit later to help our shift. Yesterday she was given an order to help Mariah's line (I was given orders to help both Mariah's line and Leonard's line and check, so I couldn't get too comfortable wherever I was), she helped for around 10 minutes, until she decided that she wanted to work next to her husband-- then she uprooted herself and headed to his line to work.

And then she does absolutely nothing except lean on the table and talk to her husband

To which point I go "That is why she won't be coming to this shift anytime soon"-- because of her complete and utter desire to being attached to her husband's hip-- it's like she wanders around and keeps tabs on him constantly (I know she doesn't think that I am a threat, because her husband annoys me 49 percent of the time, but one can really never tell---) I know that if the new person that we hire is a girl-- a young attractive girl, she is going to think that the girl has dibs on her man *once again, her husband is no prize

I know she complains to everyone that me and Owen are on the same team, but I mean it is possible to work together and have a relationship-- you just have to be smart about it-- wanting to be in the other's pocket is JUST NOT GOING TO CUT IT. That's more destructive then it is constructive

Well that was my rant, but it really would of been nice to have the wife part of the duo helping Mariah, we would of gotten done with Cervedil much much faster-- but for that pesky work relationship. Why can't people just hustle and go home?


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