Apr. 29th, 2017

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I actually was pretty with it on creating myself some icons yesterday-- I did one of Estelle Bright, Yue (Card Captor Sakura), Medusa, and Shinon (Fire Emblem)-- so woohoo, I can't complain now that I never make icons for myself-- for the most part they turned out alright, there are a few kinks and goodness knows there are much more icons that I want to make-- but as I get pictures that I really dig, then I will make more icons (There are 4 pictures now in my to-be-made folder, and those aren't necessities, just pictures that I would like to make an icon of)

Yesterday I woke up with a pretty major migraine so I stayed in bed mega-late, then I went out to run all my errands and clean for Owen to get here, then once he did-- we went to Rally's and then we came home and watched wrestling stuff-- I enthused about my soon-to-be tattoo and then thought vomited more plans for Orlando trip (happening late March of next year-- it won't be too cold but it won't be hot either-- perfect time to go to Florida I think)

Today we woke up and went to Cheddars, and we had a waiter who was somehow managing to push us out-- Seriously, when we got our food, he put our check down-- and then when I was still eating my ribs, he was like "Do you need a to-go box" and I was halfway tempted to go "No, I need you to let me finish my ribs". I understand the enthusiasm but the different things that he did make it seem like he wanted us in and out as soon as possible (It wasn't even busy in there anyways)

Today I also go down to New Albany in order to talk to the girl about my Ultros tattoo-- woohoo, I can't wait! I think it will be super fun! I really just can't wait to have Ultros on my shoulder, it will be badass!

Hopefully all you guys are having an awesome weekend! <3
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