Apr. 21st, 2017

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A-ha! A computer, albeit at my boyfriend's house! (I could type on my tablet but then it'd be a bunch of hunt and peck and I wouldn't make as much progress in a post-- also a post would be much shorter because I can't type 98 wpm on a tablet like I can here!) I miss the cathartic experience of actually typing up a post like this, it makes the anxiety much easier to deal with (I seriously hate anxiety, because seriously-- your mind will think of a million reasons to figure out how it is possible that you will die of cancer, or a fire, or a random comet falling from the sky or dinosaurs!)

this week came and went, it was passably better then last week and HEY, I did not murder anyone! (though I am always close, so close). I Started and finished an audiobook! ( Due to a friend on here, I actually got through the Green Rider, by Kristin Britain, and wow-- what an amazing book, I read things on goodreads about how the main character was a mary sue, I call bullshit-- you never put a mary sue through THAT MUCH BULLSHIT, a mary sue exists solely to get the guy, to have all the friends and privilege that the author wants, without all of the complications (save for minor jealousy from opposition, jealousy is always the norm for Mary Sues.

I started on the second book and while I really sort of object to how they really over glossed over the main character's decision in it, it really did start out into the action and make the major contention in the book known-- I only wish I had read the book earlier!

NO FANNISH STUFF (been too busy) but I think that I may have internet when I get back on saturday night and so I can make the Eleanor icons for [personal profile] myaru, as well as the other icons that are wanted across the board-- I have been ITCHING to make icons, seriously-- I need a creative outlet!

So how have y'alls week been going? Hopefully good! I will be responding to posts here and there, but with my trusty tablet-- keep it real, everyone!


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