Apr. 13th, 2017

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To celebrate the fact that there are a lot of people coming in from other places-- anyone on my flist can request something! They can name a fandom, a character, a general concept and I will attempt to fufill it as best as I can (Or if I have something I think that you may be able to use in my archives)

Never fear-- this also gives me valuable practice!

Do not fear that I may not know who or what you are talking about (GOOGLE IS MY FRIEND!)

There is no pressure to use it, I will just add it to my repertoire of THINGS THAT I HAVE ICONNED (Seriously, there are icons that I've done that I've never used, like a long list of Rounoni Kenshin icons which I don't even like but are in folders because, welp-- you never know!)


3.) PROFIT!?!?!!

If you want examples of my style-- just take a look at my icons-- they are very colourful thing, because I am an ENFP and like bright shiny things!
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I look at my friend's open theme and I go "I should change it"; but then I think-- if it's not broke, don't fix it. So it shall remains-- I remember when I changed my theme every 3 months; that was the power of an unchecked ENFP-- luckily I think I've managed to broker that sort of energy for other things that need more energy ( like dealing with people at work )

Audiobook is loaded up, and I'm ready to rock it at work-- let's just hope I don't get randomly tested at work-- because I'd hate to go home for workplace genocide (and my boyfriend would probably hate it too-- after he pointed me in the direction of the people whom he is the most annoyed with at the moment-- because then he'd realize that the person that he could tolerate the MOST at work got jailed for killing people that crossed her)

No seriously people-- I can't kill anyone, I have a video game/book backlog, and no ability to play video games in prison; I'm safe!


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