Apr. 7th, 2017

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So last week I did some overtime re-labeling; I needed the money and there was absolutely nothing that could go wrong. I was going to go into work, have a nice little bout of sticking labels with new lots on medicine bottles and then go home to prepare to head to Owen's place for Wrestlemania weekend (nxt and the actual wrestlemania)-- it was going to be FUN!

Until the old lady, Jenny, pretty much stayed the entire time across from me hacking and coughing. Again, what could happen, my immune system is tight-- I hadn't been sick in two years. That evening, I beginning feeling the effects of something 'starting'-- that little niggling at the back of my throat that is trying to tell me that I caught the plague. (Dammit Jenny! Why do people named Jenny give me plagues?)

I rested on saturday and then I decided that maybe I could go out of the house on sunday to Owen's house-- since it wasn't too bad and I thought WHAT IS THE WORST THAT COULD HAPPEN?

Well I woke up on monday feeling pretty shitty but I still went to work--

Only to call in sick on Tuesday and take a full fledged sick day! I ended up coughing and hacking on the couch while finishing the first season of Versailles (Yes-- a series about sex, murder and tuberculosis-- I don't see what's wrong with watching that while sick? *sarcasm*).

And it is friday and I am only NOW starting to feel better-- I probably lost like 15 lbs and I'm still not totally 100 percent fine. Hopefully I feel better, so better-- I really just don't like being sick.

Did I mention that my 3 year perfect attendance was blown out the window? Well really when you are sick, you are sick and I didn't feel like I should go in on tuesday.


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