Mar. 19th, 2017

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I saw Beauty and the Beast on friday! And I would just like to say that it is everything that I really expected AND wanted-- I read a few reviews that pretty much slammed the movie, but I didn't pay too much mind to it (as I think that reviewers are inclined to be prejudiced in terms of reviews, and it's better to approach it from the fact that you are not the reviewers and you may have a differing opinion).

I really liked how they made the movie realistic and yet still with that whimsical charm.

I also like the LeFou redemption at the end, I thought it was brilliant-- so really while there was flack for a villian sidekick being gay, I think by giving him his moment of heroism, they made it even better, mad props!

(The 3 second dance with another man during the end, well I think that it was silly for a bunch of people to get their panties in a bunch-- seriously right wingers-- grow the fuck up)

Right now I am trying to do some manga colouring of Zavied from Tales of Beseria for iconning purposes; now this is where I approach shaky ground in regards to icon making since I used to be really good at it, so by all intents and purposes, I am likely rusty-- CROSSING MY FINGERS!

Hopefully y'all are having a most excellent weekend!


- I started simple; but yeah-- NEW ICON, GET!
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My list of things to do today:

1.) buy earplugs
2.) go to Aldi's to buy groceries

3.) Tales of Beseria (and one round of FFXIV-- Diadem, maybe I can finally earn my pegasus mount)
4.) see if I want to make curry or not
5.) Finish "The Dark Lady" by Maire Clairmont
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A year does not go by without Fandom_Secrets deciding to do some Snape Bashing-- except this time it was a secret where 'defense of snape' occurs, and then all the Snape Haters come in going "YOU ARE SO WRONG OMG!!!????"--

He wasn't the greatest person on the planet but I don't think he was total and utter shit. People need to grow the fuck up.


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