Mar. 16th, 2017

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So I was going through and looking at old icons and I've added a few more that I thought were exceptionally good-- and I also made a Krelian icon, because while I was at work I heard the song "Just One Yesterday" by Fall Out Boy which totally fit what I wanted to go with for the Krelian icon that I was working on-- it's simple, but then I didn't want to give the Krelian icon a whole lot of excess to it

(Krelian from Xenogears, not Krelian from DragonballZ, for everyone's information...)

So I've been banned from Mariah's line-- which is FINE by me. I didn't do anything aside from that kerfuffle that happened. What it came down to was that now Mariah hates my guts and went to the supervisor who has pretty much put me anywhere but her line. Really, this isn't a punishment, it's actually a reward of the highest degree and if Mike approaches me about it or anything like that (and he'd be wise NOT to), I will tell him exactly what happened

I will also mention about Mariah telling Mike that I never worked sundays (Complete FALLACY, as whenever I can pick up a Sunday morning, I will)--

I may just sign up for overtime on fridays-- and if Mariah doesn't want to work with me, I will just tell her to keep to 'her side of the table'-- because I am as entitled to overtime hours as she is.

I wonder why I am fueding with a 66 year old lady, then I remember that I am ignoring her-- so it's not precisely a fued. Now if she calls me out or brings the fight, I will bring it right back. She's 5 ft, I can take her in a fight!

Anyways I hope everyone is doing alright!~ <3

Tomorrow Owen is taking me to see Beauty and the Beast! OMG I can't wait!


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