Mar. 6th, 2017

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To be perfectly honest, I'd like to pair up the characters in Tales of Beseria-- I've seen fanart on PIXIV and gone, "Oh yeah, I can get behind that", but for one fact-- there's really no lover-type dynamic amongst the group-- they are all pretty ambivalent to each other and you can tell that any friendship that they have for each other is tenuous at best. Eizen and Rokurou would look hot but there is something only bro about them-- and it only surfaces when they are saying that women are inherently evil; and I would like to pair someone with Magilou but omg, no one likes her.

In most series, I can find at least ONE golden egg; in Zestiria-- I liked Rose/Dezel and Sorey/Mikleo, in Yuri on Ice, Viktor/Yuri smacked me with a fish. But Beseria is that one freak series where I cannot for the life of me see any pairings, not that it frustrates me, just-- while I love the characters, there is no me wishing for a grand romance. I guess it is just one of those things that goes down as being refreshing/frustrating all in one go.

What can I say-- I guess I just am a shipper at heart.

But hey on unrelated note-- Bayley broke Charlotte Flair's Pay Per View streak, of course it was only because of Sasha Banks (which means tonight, Charlotte is gonna cry cheater at Bayley) but oh well-- Wrestlemania, here we come.


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