Mar. 4th, 2017

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I was thinking about how the whole icon making process with me usually takes song inspiration! It's so important to have a lyric that I can tie into icons, because I look at my icons and there's a sea of music-- it's like my little signature on my icon page-- and if a song doesn't take root, then I can't really justify making the icon--

Oh yes, I also uploaded a few icons, because I decided that it was time to resurrect them.

One of them was an icon that I made for an ex-girlfriend-- because sometimes you need to reclaim things that you like for yourself--

Edit: I also found three pictures that I'd sort of like to make icons of, and two of them are Bleach related (another series that I liked, but the ex-girlfriend memories cling tight to it-- but like I said, TAKE BACK MY HAPPINESS IN CHARACTERS AND SERIES!
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Pssssht, you guys--

If you search the internets, you will see the Deadpool 2 trailer--

It is a thing of awesome and epicness-- I cried tears of joy, I really did
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I went from to

It is moments like these where I realize I haven't lost my touch

Still old school-- I like decorative icons! Simple is fun-- and I admit that a mere light filter can be great, but I like the little touches


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