Mar. 2nd, 2017

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There was once upon a time where I was just a book nerd-- I think I was 14 or 15 and it was in the 90s, and I WAS a geek, I was a very big geek-- I didn't watch a whole lot of TV though, and while I wrote stories-- it was my own made up world-- and oh yes, the occasional anime on SCI-FI's JAPANIMATION WEEK (yes, that made me wince a bit just typing it out). I did play video games, but they were the standard platformers-- Sonic, Mario, Zelda and all that-- I wasn't really personally invested in it.

Until one summer day, in fact the very first day that I ever babysat these kids-- Their mom was a nurse and I had a full 10 hour day, five days a week with them-- or was starting it. They were playing this game called FF3 (or really it was FFVI but hey, silly americans), it was a NEW game, just came out and they had powered through it. They liked to pretend they were these characters, dress up like them-- and they conned me into being this escaped general with augmented magic (can you see where I'm going with this). And I played along with it because.. hahahaha hijinks!

Then they played this game in front of me-- more specifically, it was this scene where they are at this opera house and there is some impersonation going on; one of the members of your party looks exactly like a famous opera singer, and there's this note left by this mysterious person saying he was coming for her. Then come to find out there are 3 different groups coming for this singer.. including a quirky purple opera house.

It was love (not about the purple octopus, though I am an Ultros fangirl)

It was Setzer Gabbiani, gambler and airship engineer-- this guy had swag, oh god. with his long white wavy hair and his bomb ass gambler jacket-- he was a regular OG. To 14 year old me, that was the epitome of class and adventure-- to an ENFP like me, I could relate to him, wanted to have adventures, my own airship.. and yes, perhaps the love was in the fact that inherently I could relate to him-- I mean I wasn't a guy and I didn't look at him, but I think in my own personal soul, I was just as free spirited at him, or at least I wanted to be. I inserted him into all my stories (it wasn't a Mary Sue though because the heroine was a created character that was NOT like me-- I will argue this to my dying day). No matter what though, he went down as being my first favorite fictional character in a video game setting. (and he wouldn't be the last)

Setzer Gabbiani is like the pioneer, he paved the way for other video game, and yes even animated characters (following after him was Malachite from Sailor Moon-- in which I realize that I have a TYPE, i.e long white hair)

So question, everyone!

Who was your first favorite fictional character?


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