Feb. 26th, 2017

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Ever since digging out some of my icons-- seriously-- I stuck them all in one folder. I decided to just create folders and seperate them into series, a somewhat eh problem but as I'm doing it, I am pretty much going "I can't believe that I created them"-- you get to see levels of a beginner iconist and some of it's pretty horrific. I guess though that it's proof that I've grown artistic wise-- some though are really good and I have a hard time how I got to that level-- then it's surrounded in a sea of 'well I'm trying!"

Also there were alot of original RP icons-- which I've stuck in my personal folder, because I'm likely never going to RP them again and I've made my peace with that-- I just need to write about them is all.

I also love how easy it is to trigger Mystic Artes in Tales of Beseria-- in fact I think that game has my favorite battle system in general-- I don't feel like I'm trolling around in mush and the equipment teaches you skills mastery point is fun and reminds me of Tales of Vesperia-- except in this Tales game it wasn't just the main two-- ALL EQUIP-ABLE ITEMS CAN TEACH YOU NEW THINGS. The only bad part is the Grade slog makes me want to cry-- so I have to continually chain two enemies together in hopes of a Dire foe so that I can earn tons of grade for mastery. It's a vicious circle (but hey no worries-- I love to overlevel so it's all good!)

alright, back to everything and everything!~ Have a wonderful sunday and I'll be around to read journals in between my mad leveling skillz.
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I love when I am organizing icons and I find an icon that I made a long time ago and I just become deeply enamored of it-- I mean more so then I was at the time of making it-- just goes to show you how something you might overlook tomorrow might be something you really just sort of dig today!


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