Feb. 23rd, 2017

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Day 4 of the hostage situation is nigh-- hopefully we are able to negotiate in order to get the heck out of dodge and enjoy our weekend. This means of course that I have to put up with my co-workers for ONE MORE DAY. We'll see how that goes-- luckily Owen is my saving grace-- just a shared look with him and I know that he is commiserating with me. I am not saying that we are alike; in fact our personalities are vastly different BUT I think that we both have the same pet peeves when it comes to work.

No plans except tonight I will be playing some Tales of Beseria, watching a little bit of Yuri on Ice and getting some damn good sleep! I've been feeling so much better-- pretty legit in fact. Perhaps the fact that I know that what I've been feeling has been anxiety and so now I can take definite steps to try to alleviate it (I was wondering why I was suddenly suffering indigestion-- now I know-- it's because I've been a little anxious bucket of worry)

No fucks have been given at work-- not by me at least.

In a little less then two weeks I will be in Colorado visiting with my friends-- Owen and I are going on a mini vacation-- we'll be there for half a week but I think that it'll be fun, and hey-- PLANE RIDE!


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