Feb. 19th, 2017

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Hi everyone!

This weekend was nice and relaxing, especially since I got to spend it with Owen; the only disadvantage of the friday being that I had to wake up early for re-labeling (something that I volunteered for-- where I work at, there is absolutely no lack of overtime if you want it and there are more then a few times where I've clocked in a 55 hour work week.) There were a lot of people in for relabeling at the very beginning and then as it went throughout the day, they were dragged off to other places-- leaving me to deal with our work's annoying person(tm). It is such a total joy to hear her repeat stories, I swear-- great fun.

I got to Owen's place around 3:30 and then I cuddled with him a bit until we decided to go to the mall, I had thought to go to Trader Joes and World Market however by the time we had eaten at the food court in the mall, I wasn't feeling it. So Owen picked up cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory (White chocolate raspberry cheesecake, yum) and then headed home to watch last weeks Raw and Smackdown. I was happy that Bayley won the title, but I inherently know it won't last since Charlotte Flair is the Pay Per View Queen and she just doesn't lose-- maybe I might be surprised but I sincerely doubt it.

Saturday we woke up and promptly ordered chinese food to nom on, and then after lunch, I met my Bestie for pedicures-- and her and I were talking about Yuri on Ice and then our pedicurist (well hers, since he was doing her nails) interjected with his favorite anime, and then we had a great conversation. (That massage chair was so good, that I dreamed that I was back in it last night). I had speed pedicurist but I did get extra time with my feet soaking in the warm water, so I can't complain too much. Now my toenails are a bright orange, and the shade is called 'pool party'. Seriously-- I could lead Santa's sleigh with this colour of polish.

Afterwards we went back to pick up Owen and head to Sapporo's for dinner with my bestie's mom and her friends (all of them delightfully gay--) and Owen and I found a realitor, so he's going to meet with us on friday and we're going to get the house hunting process started! I really can't wait-- I think that I'm ready to settle down, do the house thing and the kids thing and I want Owen by my side when I do all that.

Now I am home and sort of relaxing from yet another work morning-- I am playing Tales of Beseria and pondering going out to pick me some chamomile tea. And perhaps I may make an icon-- though I don't know. The icon muse is a fickle thing indeed.

Hope you all have a great sunday!
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Tales of Beseria - Magilou | Eizen
Bleach - Ukitake (I need to claim him back, seriously)
Suikoden - Gremio | Tir | Odessa
Tales of Zestiria - Rose
FFIV - Better one of Rydia
One Tree Hill - Brooke or Brooke/Julian
WWE - Bayley
FFXII - Basch

Really, none of these are in any kind of order-- just a future wish list of icons that I really sort of want to make if ever I see a picture that inspires me!


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