Feb. 15th, 2017

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Because I have woken up at 7:30 both monday and tuesday-- my body decided to be hilarious and wake up naturally at 7:25-- two hours before my alarm was set to go off-- and it was nearly impossible to force myself back to sleep so I just opted for bathtub and book time (which is conceivably one of my favorite times.. because well-- BOOKS!).

Most people wonder how I can be such an extrovert but also a complete bibliophile-- and I can see where there lies the conundrum; because a lot of people think that the more introverted you are-- the more you like to read


My boyfriend is the most introverted introvert that has ever introverted and he only reads like two books a year (well last year he did a re-read of the Harry Potter books, and that was his sole reading project). I am an extrovert-- I like interacting with people and I like talking-- but I also really love reading and always carry a book with me. Sometimes that book doesn't get taken out or maybe I only read a paragraph-- but as a child, books were friends-- being that I hadn't come into my extroversion gracefully, it left me a bit awkward and eager to spout random things-- books were the friends who understood-- it was my imaginary book friends that I practiced conversations with, I went to pretend parties with-- because real kids were kinda mean and I was awkward socially.

I understand the power of possibility in the written form-- I know that there lies in such a small volume; entire worlds that have yet to be explored. When you think about it, it's an amazing scope of power-- and you don't have to go anywhere to do it-- there is no expensive flight fee-- you are there at the characters side, interacting with them as they go on their own little adventure. That is why I think I love books-- because of the infinite levels of possibility inherent in each one, and after reading a book-- you are never the same. Something in that book has imprinted itself on you, like rings on a tree to denote their growth.

--on a completely unrelated note--

I think that Panera sounds mighty tasty for lunch. I will probably pick up a bread bowl. And maybe I will pick up Owen a bowl of turkey chili too-- and surprise him with it. Oh gosh, he would probably love me forever if I did that!


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