Feb. 13th, 2017

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Monday strikes-- day 1 of the No facebook until Friday in order to get my 'fucked up world-based anxiety' under control.

Slept pretty well-- still had a hard time getting asleep, but deep breathing helped-- I had dreams that woke me up though and was like "Damn it, why can't I fall back asleep", oh yeah-- and my cat stood on my bed and meowed at me at 6 am.

Had this dream that I was at work and they changed the picking system. I couldn't concentrate because actually they changed everything. I go into the breakroom and my boyfriend isn't there so I go grab a coke (but out pops two ice teas) and then I go out to his car where I figure he is (since in real, non-dream life-- we sit at this table with a moron, a complete and utter moron whom we can't stand, I am sure he'd be begging to sit out in his car ever so oftime)

We drive off and find ourselves late back to break.

Then I come back and I try to write down my new password. This annoying girl at work who doesn't do any work but proclaims herself the hardest worker in the building.. she demands that since everyone is standing around, her desk needs to be cleaned. In the dream, I tell her to clean her own damn desk since I'm busy-- then she screeches that she will and walks off.

I don't like dreaming that I'm back at work, on a sunday night-- it makes my weekend feel DOUBLY short when I wake up since really my psyche WAS at whatever Brain trucked up as it's representation of work.


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