Feb. 12th, 2017

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The best part of a new game, a new book series or a new TV shoes is the characters, I'm not gonna lie-- It's always going to be the thrill of finding another character to identify with-- or a character that has a little piece of me inside her that I recognize. It was the part that made RPing so much fun (back when I did it), because I couldn't just SAY that I was going to RP a character, there had to be some sort of connection there between me and the character that made me want to pick that character up.

For the longest time, I left my identity in these characters-- they were a form of escapism (I realize this now). These characters were heroic, they were brave, they had what I considered to be perfect lives-- and they always got the girl or guy that they wanted. It was easy for me to manifest them into myself.

Even though I don't RP anymore.. I can recognize characters that I love-- that I identify with in some sort of way. Sometimes I've even had favorite characters because I've been half in love with them them.

For example-- in this current Tales game that I am playing-- the character who stood out to me the most was Magilou (and so far she has been my favorite character), I see that humor that she has in myself-- as well as that level of self preservation; that one is a survivor (Now if only I could make a proper icon of her).

Most of the time there are series where once I am able to see the characters, I can tell exactly what character is gonna be my favorite-- I did that with Magilou (because looks and style sort of matters in a way-- that is the first impression of the character, an introduction.) However sometimes that isn't the case-- when I saw the art for Zestiria, I thought Lailah was going to be my favorite character-- and then it ended up being Rose that I loved beyond all reason (to the point where I appreciate Lailah as a character but it was meh *though I think that had a lot to do with still not explaining her backstory even though you knew that her and Michael the Shepherd were connected in some way)

So yes, hurrah for favorite characters!
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Watching Elimination Chamber from WWE--

Seriously, my boyfriend got me hooked on it; it was a calculated move on his part to show me WWE matches with characters that he was pretty sure that I would like (He never counted on Dean Ambrose though; but I gotta give him props for Tyler Breeze, Bayley and Becky Lynch).

Normally I watch it on my computer while I play video games; but somehow my computer doesn't want to run the network so I've been doing a bit of iconning; and surprisingly both icons have been keepers-- made a Tales of Hearts one (Beryl) and then a FFVI one (Sabin). I love it when I feel amazingly creative-- I haven't made an icon I think in a year--

So it's pretty much relaxing and preparing for work this week which is going to be a winner. We are guarenteed overtime all across the board, which is fine with me since I had to go to the emmergency room and I am not looking forward to the bill-- so any money that comes in will be perfect and will be adequately used to the greatest of purposes.

No, I don't really have to worry about money; I actually used my tax return money in order to play off my credit card bills, so I pretty much will pay 100 a month until the bad boy is paid off. I figure with all the soda that I'm cutting off (along with the fast food), I will have plenty of money to pay it off. Sadly, I do worry about money-- and once I get the bill in the mail, I will know what I'm dealing with (the unknown sucks)

I am pretty sure that 76 percent of my icons are from video games-- maybe that is because it's just ultimately my favorite media siphon.


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