Feb. 10th, 2017

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So recently it's been Tales of Beseria for me (Oh the video game juggle, how I love thee-- let me count the ways). And let me say that I am enjoying it MUCH more then I did Zestiria. Don't get me wrong, Zestiria is a great game with wonderful characters but there is something about how Beseria starts that makes me just want to know what happens next.

I started playing Zestiria and then I grew bored with it because it was just Sorey and Mikleo going on about ruins-- (and Final Fantasy XIV and XV happened) then I finally got the urge to finish it the last day of this year because the heck if the new year wasn't going to end without me finishing SOMETHING!). Then the preparation for Beseria-- but I don't think I will have that problem with finishing the game-- what I will have a problem with is if the game ends too quickly

In honour of Tales of Beseria-- I've been trying to make a Magilou icon, but it won't work so I'm hoping someone else makes some Tales of Beseria icons so that it will save me the trouble and energy of making them for myself! (Oh, since I have absolutely little time to make icons-- it's probably better if I just let other people make them, I am not what I once was waaaay back then.)

Or maybe I'll re-tool the icon, I don't know.

Anyways, back to thee old game play! Have a great day you guys!


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