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"When it's night, I like to be the light that's missing,
And remind you every minute that the future isn't written..not yet."

-"Everything is Sound" by Jason Mraz
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So today was a day of small victories and most of it was me going in with a pretty optimistic and it started to be the theme throughout the day-- I got my work done, I managed a smile to most everyone (with the exception of Mariah whom I just ignore, it's how it goes) and while I did snap at someone at the end of the night, I apologized quickly (it was because Mariah is that type of person is that when someone is happy and she doesn't like that person, she will try to undermine them at any opportunity)

And on the way home I tried to find lyrics for that Caeda icon and then when I got home and in front of the computer, suddenly the song fell into my lap so there is one icon with lyrics reference, whew


That's beautiful, there has been some really wanky secrets as of late (I guess that is why they are posted anonymously)

I am so proud of the internet *tear*
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So I just found out that Take That is coming out with yet another album--

Seriously I have been living under a rock! Last time they came out with an album, I stayed up til 7 AM britain time (I think it was 3 my time) to hear the song play on the airwaves for the first time ever. And yet, I miss the first playing of it, I miss the MUSIC VIDEO (by five days) with like four days out until the album releases

Well here, Take That-- take my money NOW!

Though looking at the music video, Howard Donald now looks very much like Jason Orange, which leads me to believe that he went single white (fe)male on Jason-- Tibet, my ass-- Howard has Jason's body hidden somewhere. I am not used to a slender Howard Donald-- I am used to bulky man man who doesn't like clothing very much.

Yes, I realize this is how conspiracy theories start.
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A year does not go by without Fandom_Secrets deciding to do some Snape Bashing-- except this time it was a secret where 'defense of snape' occurs, and then all the Snape Haters come in going "YOU ARE SO WRONG OMG!!!????"--

He wasn't the greatest person on the planet but I don't think he was total and utter shit. People need to grow the fuck up.
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My list of things to do today:

1.) buy earplugs
2.) go to Aldi's to buy groceries

3.) Tales of Beseria (and one round of FFXIV-- Diadem, maybe I can finally earn my pegasus mount)
4.) see if I want to make curry or not
5.) Finish "The Dark Lady" by Maire Clairmont
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I saw Beauty and the Beast on friday! And I would just like to say that it is everything that I really expected AND wanted-- I read a few reviews that pretty much slammed the movie, but I didn't pay too much mind to it (as I think that reviewers are inclined to be prejudiced in terms of reviews, and it's better to approach it from the fact that you are not the reviewers and you may have a differing opinion).

I really liked how they made the movie realistic and yet still with that whimsical charm.

I also like the LeFou redemption at the end, I thought it was brilliant-- so really while there was flack for a villian sidekick being gay, I think by giving him his moment of heroism, they made it even better, mad props!

(The 3 second dance with another man during the end, well I think that it was silly for a bunch of people to get their panties in a bunch-- seriously right wingers-- grow the fuck up)

Right now I am trying to do some manga colouring of Zavied from Tales of Beseria for iconning purposes; now this is where I approach shaky ground in regards to icon making since I used to be really good at it, so by all intents and purposes, I am likely rusty-- CROSSING MY FINGERS!

Hopefully y'all are having a most excellent weekend!


- I started simple; but yeah-- NEW ICON, GET!
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So I was going through and looking at old icons and I've added a few more that I thought were exceptionally good-- and I also made a Krelian icon, because while I was at work I heard the song "Just One Yesterday" by Fall Out Boy which totally fit what I wanted to go with for the Krelian icon that I was working on-- it's simple, but then I didn't want to give the Krelian icon a whole lot of excess to it

(Krelian from Xenogears, not Krelian from DragonballZ, for everyone's information...)

So I've been banned from Mariah's line-- which is FINE by me. I didn't do anything aside from that kerfuffle that happened. What it came down to was that now Mariah hates my guts and went to the supervisor who has pretty much put me anywhere but her line. Really, this isn't a punishment, it's actually a reward of the highest degree and if Mike approaches me about it or anything like that (and he'd be wise NOT to), I will tell him exactly what happened

I will also mention about Mariah telling Mike that I never worked sundays (Complete FALLACY, as whenever I can pick up a Sunday morning, I will)--

I may just sign up for overtime on fridays-- and if Mariah doesn't want to work with me, I will just tell her to keep to 'her side of the table'-- because I am as entitled to overtime hours as she is.

I wonder why I am fueding with a 66 year old lady, then I remember that I am ignoring her-- so it's not precisely a fued. Now if she calls me out or brings the fight, I will bring it right back. She's 5 ft, I can take her in a fight!

Anyways I hope everyone is doing alright!~ <3

Tomorrow Owen is taking me to see Beauty and the Beast! OMG I can't wait!
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I have finished Yuri on Ice! so I am taking new recommendations of series that I should watch--


GO FOR IT! (I seriously just need something to watch that will help me to wind down at the end of each work night)
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I got back from Colorado safely and I had a blast-- mainly it was hanging out with someone who I have known for 18 or 19 years-- ever since I was 18 myself but whom I just now got to meet. I liked Colorado and the food was amazing (but oh my am I going to have withdrawal of Del Taco..*grabby hands*, seriously tacos, shakes AND fries... sign me up!)

We went to the Aquarium and the Museum of Science and Natural History-- we had fun with friends, I drank tons of alcohol (since Owen doesn't drink), and while hanging out with friends I managed to get a lot done in terms of FFIV (replay mind you, since I want to see what the after years is about). Really I could go on and on but I am really too tired to do anything since I've been up since perhaps around 5 am (and with the time springing forward, take an hour away of sleep that I COULD of had.)

Hope y'all had a good week-- nini everyone!
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To be perfectly honest, I'd like to pair up the characters in Tales of Beseria-- I've seen fanart on PIXIV and gone, "Oh yeah, I can get behind that", but for one fact-- there's really no lover-type dynamic amongst the group-- they are all pretty ambivalent to each other and you can tell that any friendship that they have for each other is tenuous at best. Eizen and Rokurou would look hot but there is something only bro about them-- and it only surfaces when they are saying that women are inherently evil; and I would like to pair someone with Magilou but omg, no one likes her.

In most series, I can find at least ONE golden egg; in Zestiria-- I liked Rose/Dezel and Sorey/Mikleo, in Yuri on Ice, Viktor/Yuri smacked me with a fish. But Beseria is that one freak series where I cannot for the life of me see any pairings, not that it frustrates me, just-- while I love the characters, there is no me wishing for a grand romance. I guess it is just one of those things that goes down as being refreshing/frustrating all in one go.

What can I say-- I guess I just am a shipper at heart.

But hey on unrelated note-- Bayley broke Charlotte Flair's Pay Per View streak, of course it was only because of Sasha Banks (which means tonight, Charlotte is gonna cry cheater at Bayley) but oh well-- Wrestlemania, here we come.
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Sent home Owen and now it's time to colour my hair and finish packing for trip to Colorado!

There's a good chance I will upload pictures, though there's also a good chance that it will be Instagram/Facebook uploaded. We are staying with friends that I've known internet wise for years and years-- and I'm only now getting to meet them IRL (protip: if you've been internet friends for more then 15 years, it's safe to say that they are legit and you can probably safely visit them without worrying about whether they will chop you up into little pieces and put you in their trunk).

Going to play a little bit more Beseria before WWE fastlane comes on-- I am rooting for Bayley but it's highly doubtful that she'll beat Charlotte :( because Charlotte is the Pay Per View Queen. Blah!

Owen took me to Cheddars for lunch and he said something funny that made me almost crash the car-- but I can't precisely remember it (my memory can be scetchy sometimes)

On friday I got my hair cut, so it's all one length now (the bad thing about growing out a a-line hair cut is that your front is going to be longer then your back). It feels so much better and I feel like I can comb through it without it getting tangled up in knots, but that also may just be in my head.

On the plane on wednesday, I am going to play some FFIV because I want to see if I can get a little bit closer to The After Years-- here's hoping! (Last time I played, Eblan Castle punked me)
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I went from to

It is moments like these where I realize I haven't lost my touch

Still old school-- I like decorative icons! Simple is fun-- and I admit that a mere light filter can be great, but I like the little touches
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Pssssht, you guys--

If you search the internets, you will see the Deadpool 2 trailer--

It is a thing of awesome and epicness-- I cried tears of joy, I really did
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I was thinking about how the whole icon making process with me usually takes song inspiration! It's so important to have a lyric that I can tie into icons, because I look at my icons and there's a sea of music-- it's like my little signature on my icon page-- and if a song doesn't take root, then I can't really justify making the icon--

Oh yes, I also uploaded a few icons, because I decided that it was time to resurrect them.

One of them was an icon that I made for an ex-girlfriend-- because sometimes you need to reclaim things that you like for yourself--

Edit: I also found three pictures that I'd sort of like to make icons of, and two of them are Bleach related (another series that I liked, but the ex-girlfriend memories cling tight to it-- but like I said, TAKE BACK MY HAPPINESS IN CHARACTERS AND SERIES!
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There was once upon a time where I was just a book nerd-- I think I was 14 or 15 and it was in the 90s, and I WAS a geek, I was a very big geek-- I didn't watch a whole lot of TV though, and while I wrote stories-- it was my own made up world-- and oh yes, the occasional anime on SCI-FI's JAPANIMATION WEEK (yes, that made me wince a bit just typing it out). I did play video games, but they were the standard platformers-- Sonic, Mario, Zelda and all that-- I wasn't really personally invested in it.

Until one summer day, in fact the very first day that I ever babysat these kids-- Their mom was a nurse and I had a full 10 hour day, five days a week with them-- or was starting it. They were playing this game called FF3 (or really it was FFVI but hey, silly americans), it was a NEW game, just came out and they had powered through it. They liked to pretend they were these characters, dress up like them-- and they conned me into being this escaped general with augmented magic (can you see where I'm going with this). And I played along with it because.. hahahaha hijinks!

Then they played this game in front of me-- more specifically, it was this scene where they are at this opera house and there is some impersonation going on; one of the members of your party looks exactly like a famous opera singer, and there's this note left by this mysterious person saying he was coming for her. Then come to find out there are 3 different groups coming for this singer.. including a quirky purple opera house.

It was love (not about the purple octopus, though I am an Ultros fangirl)

It was Setzer Gabbiani, gambler and airship engineer-- this guy had swag, oh god. with his long white wavy hair and his bomb ass gambler jacket-- he was a regular OG. To 14 year old me, that was the epitome of class and adventure-- to an ENFP like me, I could relate to him, wanted to have adventures, my own airship.. and yes, perhaps the love was in the fact that inherently I could relate to him-- I mean I wasn't a guy and I didn't look at him, but I think in my own personal soul, I was just as free spirited at him, or at least I wanted to be. I inserted him into all my stories (it wasn't a Mary Sue though because the heroine was a created character that was NOT like me-- I will argue this to my dying day). No matter what though, he went down as being my first favorite fictional character in a video game setting. (and he wouldn't be the last)

Setzer Gabbiani is like the pioneer, he paved the way for other video game, and yes even animated characters (following after him was Malachite from Sailor Moon-- in which I realize that I have a TYPE, i.e long white hair)

So question, everyone!

Who was your first favorite fictional character?


Mar. 1st, 2017 11:16 pm
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I can't even-- not with the day that I've had.

I don't like to bitch and complain especially on a platform such as this, but sometimes it's unavoidable.

We recently got a new supervisor in our department. He's an alright guy but I don't have the rapport that I had with the previous supervisor (yes, he was an royal arsehole but I knew how to handle him, and I usually didn't mind when he teased me, because in 3 years, I was able to read him and what he said, between the lines and the whole nine yards). Well this supervisor really doesn't know me yet, and when you first meet me, I am like a cat that just sits back and observes you. I don't impress someone with my crazy enfpness right off the bat (I blame it on the fact that I'm a virgo-- so you have to tread very closely with me unless I instantly recognize you as a kindred spirit)

Well first of all Owen came in early, and so Mike (the supervisor) went up to him and was like "Your woman is picking so don't distract each other"

Okay, okay-- I can see that. But then as the day progressed, I noticed a trend...

I was being referred to as "Owen's Woman" by him. He didn't say it to my face, but he said it to other people including Owen. EXCUSE ME! I HAVE A NAME-- IN CASE YOU DID NOT KNOW, I AM CALLED NIA! But it was "Owen's Woman.. ad nauseum"

Granted, I am proud to be Owen's, just like he is proud to be mine. But for jesus fucking sake, this is work-- we are supposed to be PROFESSIONAL up in here-- but I guess somewhere along the line, the memo got lost. So I was enraged about that-- as well as the fact that I was being pushed to pick faster when there are people in our department who do little to know work-- You know, I'll pick faster when it doesn't require Michael fucking Stalcup to have THREE people over there to help his line, because all he can do is stand around and surf the fucking internet or wandering around like he lost his lambs. (no seriously-- his line is his own but he drags his ass so that he can get people over there to help-- yeah talk to me about picking faster and I'll tell you where to shove it)

Okay, taking sip of tea-- deep calming breath

Cindy, the order control lady told me that Mike was just 'joking'. You don't joke with me right off the bat, you earn that shit. You earn it by being who you say you are, by acting with integrity and treating me with respect.

Though it was funny to hear Owen say "I'm moving to LTL"; and with me eventually moving departments too-- I won't be stuck there forever, just have to wait until the new client comes in so that I can take the order control position back there, I will be moving to reunite with my old supervisor, and seriously while he is a stress bucket, I can handle him.

Sorry-- that was totally not a very fun post.
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So I was pulling up to the ATM to get money out (stupid roommate once again shorted his side of rent), and when I pulled in the ATM was covered in some sort of cream-- I don't know if it was whipped cream or shaving cream but it was gross-- totally gross.

I merely said, "NO THANK YOU!" and was bam out of there. I don't know what went through those people's heads but I bet the security camera footage that the bank views in the morning will be one hell of a party.
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Well, it was nothing much.

I went over to Owen's house and we cleaned his house in preparation for the realtor coming over to assess his house. I felt like a cute married couple cleaning with him-- and I impressed him by detail cleaning a lot of things that he had never thought to detail clean. I earned a lot of kisses and well people if they have viewed us probably would of barfed from how lovey dovey we are.

It's the typical INFJ/ENFP syndrome to be perfectly honest, and it's probably why me and Owen make the perfect team. (He's an INFJ male too-- and they are like unicorns-- seriously)

Then we went to Mellow Mushroom near his apartment only to find out that THEY RANDOMLY SHUT IT DOWN (no Thai Dye pizza for me *sobs*). When we got in there, I drove past and Owen was like "Is Mellow Mushroom closed?" and sure enough, the signage was taken down and there was not a sign that Mellow Mushroom had been there. It was raining though so I parked in the parking lot to let it pass-- guess what happened?

It started to HALE! in 75 degree weather!


It only lasted ten minutes and then we headed to Five Guys Burgers because it was close and Owen had never been there (He has lived in this big city all his life and he's gone very few places-- sometimes I'm amazed). Then we came home, watched the weeks episode of RAW and SMACKDOWN and then went to bed. It wasn't a bad weekend to be honest, and hey-- Owen's condo is going on the market which means HOUSE HUNTING SOON!

I can't wait-- I can't wait to have us live together finally after two years of dating-- I can't wait to finally have children (That's next in the plans TBH) and despite the fact that I've had the biggest fear of committment in my life, I have to say that I can't wait to start doing all those things with him.

Anyways hopefully y'all had a great monday!
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I love when I am organizing icons and I find an icon that I made a long time ago and I just become deeply enamored of it-- I mean more so then I was at the time of making it-- just goes to show you how something you might overlook tomorrow might be something you really just sort of dig today!


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